Monday, February 1, 2016

An update on an update

This will be brief.  I am trying not to panic.  I am trying to tell myself this is a tiny bump and only needs extra ice, stretching and foam rolling.  Let me back up.  I had one of those PERFECT long runs saturday.  It was the stuff dreams were made of.  I felt great during, stayed busy the rest of the day, and got to bed early saturday night thanks to a worn out toddler that fell asleep early.  On sunday morning, as I got out of bed, I was hit with the stiff, I can't walk on that foot pain on my left foot.  I felt like I had plantar's fasciitis (PF) for sure.  Of course, being a mom of a three year old and it being pretty nice out, we headed out for a long hike up some pretty serious hills.  The pain seemed to go away the longer we hiked, so I thought to myself, awesome, I have caused PF in my foot.  I am no stranger to PF, had it years ago in both feet.  I used stretching and massage and a shoe change to get rid of it and I haven't had it since.  The good and bad news is you can run through PF, as do many runners, but there are many other things you need to do to keep it at bay and to keep from tearing that plantar's fascia all together.  I got to work immediately, icing the bottom of my foot any time I was sitting, and doing lots of stretching, foam rolling and using the stick (well, having my hubby use the stick on my calf).  My left calf is pretty tight, so I am doing everything to get it to loosen up.  Last week was my second week to add speed work back in the form of hill repeats, so I am sure I did something to it over the course of the week that probably started out small and insignificant and worked its way into an injury.

This morning I was thrown for a loop again. When I woke up, I didn't have that feeling of PF stiffness and soreness AT ALL!  Instead I felt like I had stepped on a huge rock.  The padding of my foot around the third and fourth toe felt bruised.
We have way too many big sticky dots laying around my lab that never get used so this is a good way to use them up:)
Of course I have researched what it could be and it could be several things.  I hope with just taking a few days off, reducing intensity, and icing/stretching/rolling/stick rolling, that I can beat this.  In some ways if it is the dreaded PF, I know how to handle it, but I am just not sure that it is PF based on where the pain is localized.  I am trying not to panic. I don't have my first half until the end of march and I have a great base built so taking even a week off wouldn't hurt me. I don't really want to see a dr just yet.  I have of course performed the in house test for stress fracture and yes, I can hop up and down comfortably on my foot 10 times.  I will have to stay on top of this and I will keep you posted and by you I mean mom and the three other readers I have LOL!

Thanks for listening to this runner whining:)  Now back to your regularly scheduled program!

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