Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My Peroneal hates me

Got a diagnosis today of what we think is going on.  Huge props to Doug at Body First for getting me in so quickly.  He knows I get super mental when I can't run and he knows how I freak out and self diagnose.  

Okay so here goes.  My peroneal muscles were SUPER tight.  This was causing my peroneal tendons to also be super tight, which were basically putting tons of strain on my last three toes.  There was some inflammation as a result, thus the feeling of a stone bruise.  After 45 painful minutes of ART on my left leg and much popping and shifting and OUCH, everything seems a heck of lot more relaxed.  I still have some pain in my foot, but that isn't going to magically go away in one day.  I am still doing ice therapy on and off when I am at my computer at work and at home when I get 5 seconds to sit down.  I am also using arnica on my foot.  Tonight after parenting classes, I took another long soak in epsom's salts to help with the pain, and have been drinking water like it is going out of style.  I really feel good about the diagnosis because I noticed how tight everything was when he was working on it and I noticed how sore everything was.  I have been rolling my calf muscle out everyday but he said it was loose and good to go.  I guess I need to look up how to contort myself so I get the outside of my shin as well as the inside and my calf.

The jury is still out on what caused this. I am going to take another day off from running tomorrow, and then try a short run thursday to see what it feels like before deciding what the weekend is going to look like.  I know this totally does not sound like me, but I would rather take a week off now and save myself for the bevy of half marathons coming up in march and april, than to push through and potentially injure myself more.  I know, I know, totally not like me at all.  I am all for keep pushing.
  That is usually me.  Not this time though.  Let's get this crap dealt with and healed and then go on.  If it means loosing a week, so be it.

This could all be a product of my new shoes or it could have been a random occurrence.  I am going to return to running in my saucony kinvaras when I start again this week or next just in case.  Then we can go from there to see if my new shoes are the cause.  I am hoping not but if they are, they are and I have to move on.

Have a great week my friends!  Going to try and not go insane from not running but got my eye on the prize and it is long term.

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