Monday, February 15, 2016

How I use Nuun in my life

As a nuun ambassador, I thought I would explain how I use Nuun in my life.  I love finding a product that works so well for me in my life, and would love to help you find a way to incorporate Nuun into your life as well.  Anytime I mention a specific product, I have linked the word directly to their web store, so you can browse and read more.

First of all, let me explain how my week days use to go pre Nuun.  I would wake up and brew a cup of black coffee to get my caffeine fix.  I wouldn't necessarily consume a full cup, usually just a quarter or maybe half, while I ate my kashi bar.  I would then go to work, either buying a soda at sonic (usually diet and usually large, since they have a drink special in the morning), or I would get a soda out of the vending machine (that now takes debit cards).  Now, that soda could last me two days but still.   I would eat a lunch and consume my soda.  I usually cut caffeine off at 2 pm, since I use to battle insomnia.  That statement makes me laugh to type it out, because now that i have a kid, I am ready to go to bed at 8:30.  I would have dinner with either a beer or a caffeine free soda.  Then I would switch to water.  I would drink water till I hit the hay, and then be up all night peeing.  Not the best lifestyle, I will admit.  I would also suffer from dizzy spells in the afternoon, and be hungry an hour or so after breakfast and the same post lunch.  I usually don't snack, so I would just suffer and then stuff my face at night at dinner.

Now fast forward to having Nuun in my life.  I started using Nuun Active when I was training for Chicago.  Some mornings, even getting up at  4 am, I would be battling 100% humidity.  Give me high heat any day over the stickiness and oppressiveness of humidity.  I would either go out with a 21 oz bottle of Nuun Active Grape flavored and a bottle of water or double it up with two bottles of Nuun.  I would have a third bottle at the house, so after I did my 16 or so miles, I would head back and pick up the third bottle and drop off my empties.  Now mind you, Stella and I share water, so if I were by myself, I probably could have gotten away with less.  Having Nuun really was a godsend!  I use to sweat super salty, and suffer effects of dehydration.  Now, that is a thing of the past!!!  I am one well hydrated runner before, during, and after a run.  If I am doing a shorter run, or don't take water with me, I will ALWAYS drink 16 oz of Nuun active after my chocolate milk.   My recovery goes so much smoother if I am well hydrated!

During the normal work day, I start out mid morning with a 16 oz water with Nuun Energy Cherry Limeade tablet.  Per the Nuun website, Nuun Energy contains caffeine from green tea extracts.  I was very interested to find out exactly how much caffeine it contained.  Post pregnancy, I have been very sensitive to caffeine in that instead of making me feel very up and buzzy, I have been feeling very tired and run down.  I was delighted to find out that the amount of caffeine is about 40 mg, which is half of what you would get in an 8oz cup of coffee.  I get a little tiny jolt of go juice, without getting the bad side effects I was getting previously from my lunch time soda.  PLUS, my mid morning hunger was gone as well.

Here are the ingredients per the Nuun website for the Nuun Energy tablets.  Note that Nuun Energy comes in four flavors, Wild Berry, Mango Orange, Fresh Lime and Cherry Limeade.  I love the flavors for the fact that they are mildly sweet, and are sweetened with plant based sweeteners, and are  certified vegan, and gluten free!

I am super happy that Nuun has not only helped me train smarter by stepping up my hydration, but also has improved my daily life, by helping me to increase my daily water intake.  I feel better, have been sick way less than normal (and i have a three year old germ factory), and have curbed unnecessary hunger pains.  The biggest is that I have cut out my soda addiction.  I still have a diet soda ever once in a great while, BUT that is few and far between versus  It did take me a while to get use to the flavor, as it is so subtle, especially when I was so addicted to sugary sweet fake soda, but I tried different flavors and found the flavors that I can drink every day and love.  I always have a tube or two  in my purse, so I can have them on the go, and keep 16 oz water bottles at home and work.  I also got the privilege of being a Nuun ambassador this year so I can spread my passion for such an awesome product! if you have any questions, please feel free to ask, or visit their website at  They have tons of blogs and great infographics on their products, so you can find the product that is right for you!

Have a great week and stay hydrated!

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