Monday, February 22, 2016

Kurgo Go-Tech Adventure Harness

I am always on the look out for new dog running products to try out.  When I got an email that Kurgo was having a huge sale, I thought I would try out one of their harnesses, the Go-Tech Adventure harness.  For the sale, I received this harness for 15 bucks plus 5 bucks shipping.  
When I received it, I immediately thought how small it looked.  I ordered the medium (25lbs-50lb) based on stella's weight (42 lbs).  I probably should have measured her instead of basing it on weight.  This picture above is the breast plate.  One of the reasons I wanted to try it was based on the fact that it had a wide breast plate that helps reduce strain on the neck and chest.  It also has a ring on the front for a no pull type harness affect.  While I don't really worry about that with my dogs, I thought it would be cool if you needed that sort of thing to have to choices on where to put your leash (breast plate or back)
This is the back of the harness.  One of the reasons I wanted this harness was the handle on the back.  During my trail run, I had to steady myself several times using stella's harness, and I thought how nice a handle would have been.  There is also another D ring on the back, which is where I would attach while running. 
 This was a new one and took me a minute to figure out.  The buckles are metal and are nested.  After reading the directions and fiddling with it, I figured it out and it was super easy to get on and off.  Since I misjudged what size stella really needed, I had to quickly learn how to adjust the side buckles.  I have them let out as much as they can be.  I measured her at 27 inches at the girth, which puts her at the top of the medium and the bottom of the large (large starts at 24 inches), so much adjustment would be needed for either.
My plan was to do a long run with it on her.  Unfortunately, I have been battling a foot injury and while I think it is on the mend, it just wasn't having running today.  We only did about 5.5 miles before my foot and leg decided this wasn't a good idea.  It just seems too small.  There is play on both sides so it isn't restricting her rib cage, but overall it just seems too small.

Hopefully a week off of running and more visits from the chiropractor will get this stupid injury healed.  Until then, we will hold out hope that this harness will work.  I am afraid the large will be too big and floppy and cause chaffing, so I don't really want to exchange for a bigger size.  I like the color and the back handle.  The back D ring was kind of a weird shape so hard to get my clip on and off.  I did not see any evidence of chaffing but the mileage was minimal.  I will continue to use it and keep you posted!  The harness seems very well made and I look forward to using it more!

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