Monday, February 8, 2016

Heartland Series Training week 4

If you have been reading this week, pretty much none of my scheduled work outs have happened as is, so this will be a short blog post:)  If you want to read my freaking out for a few days read here, and read here for the conclusion of what was going on.

Monday: off

Tuesday: off
There has been a lot of ice, compression, and arnica this week!
Wednesday: Was going to attempt strength.  Long story short, I had just ordered an upgrade on my Iphone to a 5 S which was free if I signed another 2 year contract.  Well, as I was unpacking it, it fell out of the box and the top of the screen shattered.  I was SO upset.  I have replaced two screens on my current Iphone 5 thanks to me having butterfingers and not wanting to put the money out for the Otterbox.  My screen had never been the same after I replaced it the second time, and it had been locking up and not working (remember when it quit working at the beginning of the Chicago marathon?) more often lately so I thought it was time.  I was so sad because I would have to pay full price to get a new one and I didn't have insurance on my latest phone yet.  After spending much time on the phone with Sprint, I got everything resolved but by the end of everything, I needed a beer worse than sweating, so I opted out of working out.
The sun was still out for pretty much the entire run!  Hurry up spring!
Thursday:  A very cautious 3 miles.  I was on the fence about running versus waiting.  My sports massage guy wanted me to try it out and see what it felt like.  If it truly was the Peroneal muscle pulling on things, I should be okay to run with very low intensity.  I talked to my coach and she agreed.  IF there was ANY pain at ANY time during my run, I was to stop and call home to get a ride.  I am VERY happy to say that I had 0 pain during my run.  I honestly was shocked that i didn't.
Friday: Strength training.  I so need to get a video of stella attacking the band on my ankles when I do the monster walk.  Not sure why that sets her off so bad, but it is kind of funny till she gets my leg instead of the band.
Saturday:  My coach,  sports massage therapist, and I decided to try an easy 4 today.  Mentally I needed it.  The weather was amazing, the sun was out, and Deuce needed to get out, so he got to go with me.  It was glorious!!!!!
Sunday:  A longish run.  Again my coach and massage therapist decided that it was okay to try a longish run.  I was really happy because I had signed up for the virtual Nuun New Year Dash.  I knew i wouldn't be able to dash, but at least I could complete it.  Mel was also long running and while she was doing more than 6, she worked it out so she would be at my house with 6 miles left.  Running friends are awesome like that.  There was quite a bit of wind coming from the North so when we headed back home, it was like running into a wall but we got it done.

Total miles for the week: 13

My foot seems to be getting better ever so slowly.  I am so glad I am able to run while it heals, even if it is just easy miles.   Going back to four days a week this week with no speedwork, and again a longish run, but not what I would normally be running at this point in my training.  I am at peace with that and will go with the flow!

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