Sunday, August 14, 2016

8 weeks till Hell Creek on Heels 50K! Training Week 11

Another week closer!  We booked our hotel rooms finally for the race, and the butterflies are starting to flutter!  Get ready for some random pictures:)
A bell sprout in my boss's office
Monday:  Rest day.  YESSSSS!  I had a morning doctor's appointment, so I had time to take the dogs for a nice long walk and hunt some pokemon. I will write a separate recap about the fun I had at the surgeon's office.

Tuesday: 8 miles planned.  Stupid clouds kept the meteor shower out of site and the temps were a bit cooler, but holy cow the humidity.  After running, the dogs and I did a 30 minute walk/pokemon hunt.  They both were fluffed out from the humidity and that made me think of this GIF.

Wednesday:  Strength/cross training planned.  The best laid plans of mice and men.  Sigh. I think I am going to have to move ALL work outs to the morning.  Had a bike ride planned.  Then went to pick up my kiddo, and he was FINALLY in purple (they rate them on a color scale by how they behaved that day, and he has been near the bottom for a week or so).  I had promised him if he worked hard and got in purple, he could have a golden Thomas that he had been wanting at target.  

Behold the golden Thomas!
Well of course, as soon as we knew he was in purple, we had to redeem our promise.  I tried to make him happy with Mcdonalds and target this weekend, but that didn't work.  Headed to town and ended up having dinner in town as well.  Got home and just wanted to sleep.  Made myself work on Stella's exercises, that I should have been working on all week, and then drug my butt to bed.  

I may or may not have had this beer.  Okay, I did and I enjoyed every ice cold moment of it!
Thursday:  6 miles planned.  It was feels like 85 when we got up at 4 am!!!!  THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!!  I am seriously over summer now.  I just feel like we can't win.  We had a very unique situation happen while on the run.  We run on very rural roads.  The most traffic foot or vehicular that we see are the farmer that lives on the road, the workers of said farm, and one other family that lives on that road.  Pretty much any other car is usually teenagers looking for a place to smoke or drink, and when they see us out, they usually don't stop.  We know the cars that should be on the road, and generally, the people that should be on the road.  I carry my phone with me at all times.  We occasionally see skunks, deer, and the droppings of coyotes.  Most everything four legged is getting ready for bed around dawn.  Anyway, we saw something in the distance, something that looked big and small at the same time. I know that sounds super weird.  We could see occasional what looked like eyes low down, but then also something higher up but seemed red and moving in a circular motion.  Honestly, it didn't look normal, and we couldn't pick it up with our headlamps.  My instinct is always to get behind or grab melly.  She is a double black belt and much taller than me, so my default safety net.  As it got closer, we kind of huddled together because we just couldn't tell what the heck it was.  I called out, as I thought it might be a person on a bike with a dog, but it didn't answer.  We started backing up as it was getting closer and closer.  Finally it got to the edge of our headlamp's range, and it was two people walking at dog.  At 4:30 am.  On rural roads.  Both had cigarettes lit, thus the red lights we were seeing.  The dog never uttered a bark or a growl.  They waved and we both exclaimed, we thought you were aliens!!!!  I asked the guy why he didn't respond when I called out, and he said he wanted to freak us out.  Well mission accomplished.  I am not passing judgement as to why they were walking at 4:30 am on very rural roads, but i have my thoughts.  I was practically shaking as they passed by and we started running again.  Especially with all that has happened lately with runners being killed.  

Friday:  Planned long bike ride:  My plan was to get up at 3 am, watch the meteor shower, and then go on a nice long bike ride when daylight started to creep in.  I got up to thunderstorms and lightening.  Tried getting back up at 4 am, still storming.  Same at 5 am.  I gave up and slept in till time to get up for work.  Saw Dr. Needles in the afternoon. Totally forgot to bring my new lift +shoe, but did tell him about my very ouchy foot and the fact that my tib/fib area had been quite sore.  I got introduced to the fun of scraping.  I hope it works for the sake of how much it hurt.  Still not as bad as needling, and he even asked if we could today and I said NO WAY.  There is a huge knot in the area of my tib/fib and it is SO painful to the touch that he can not even try and work it out.  It doesn't hurt when I run, so I am not too worried about it, that spot has always hurt on and off when pushed on.  He worked above it and below it so maybe soon he can work that knot out without me climbing the wall in pain.

Lucky for me, the weather was quite nice post work, so I was able to get out on my bike and get in a 12 mile bike ride.  Hubby had a steak freshly cooked for me when I got home from riding.  That is love, even if it isn't really optimal fuel the night before a race:)
Last year's race.  Boy I missed stella ella this year!
Saturday:  Back to School 5K.  How can ever resist a local race that I can walk from my door and 5 minutes later be at the start?  Plus it benefits my kiddo's future school so it really is a no brainer.  Plus, they allow dogs but this year would not be the year for miss stella ella to run.  I think I will do a separate race report because so much happened.  No PR sadly but a really fun, really good time.  I wrote a recap here.  

Sunday:  Planned 18.  We decided since the weather was to be nice, to do our 18 out on Konza.  Konza is the closest to what we will experience at our 50K.  The weather was really nice, but we still got eaten up and chewed out by the trail.  We did way more walking than we thought we should have, but it is what it is.  
We had to wait a little till it got lighter before we headed out.  It was still pretty dark until daybreak broke.  The beauty of this place always leaves me in awe.  
I have been fueling with honey stinger waffles, since my fig bars have mysteriously disappeared from all shelves in any of the grocery stores around.  I am really digging them.  I break them in half and put them in a ziploc bag,  and then they fit in my pack pockets nicely.  I am using about 1 every hour.  I think I need to vary the flavors though.  Three chocolate ones today was a bit much.  
Loved running past these sunflowers and seeing them turning and following the sun.
Sometimes Melly gets ahead of me on uphills and dowhills, but that is okay.  She always waits for me to catch up:)  She is such a strong runner, and a testament to what weight lifting can do for a runner.

Even though Konza beat us into submission today, I love each and every time we go there.  We did three loops, two going up the stairs and one going down to work different muscles.  It was an amazing run and I am so glad to be done and on to the next mileage.  Can you say time for a 20 miler?

Total miles for the week: 35

Onward!  Have a great week!

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