Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A split update: Breasts and Stella oh my!

I needed to do two updates today and they are both a little short so I thought i would combine them with a catchy title.
here is a boob shot :)  My newest moving comfort sports bra!
First I will start with breasts.  Remember my cancer scare around christmas of last year? I wrote about it here and here.  Well, I had my 6 month mammogram last month, and while totally weird (surgeon said he would be there/be involved, yet didn't show up), the radiologist at the time said no change, go back to yearly mammograms.  Then, I get a very odd call from my doctor's office saying the report they got was really weird, and had I spoken to the surgeon?  I had to tell them the long story of what happened, so they contacted the surgeon's office,  who in turn called me with an appointment.  An appointment for what I wondered?  And why was my Dr's office acting so weird about a normal mammogram?  Fast forward to yesterday.  I was put in a room, and while I was waiting, I heard the nurse tell the surgeon that she had NO idea why I was there.  I then heard them call my Dr's office to find out why they had set up the appointment (the appointment was made by the surgeon's office, go figure).  Now mind you, i had to take off a morning of work, and we actually had a timed experiment that day that needed to be completed.  Sigh.  I then heard the surgeon say that he remembered me, and then I guess all the pieces fell into place (mind you his office set up the appointment, but I digress).  After a re introduction to the hottest surgeon on the planet, we started talking about my latest mammogram.  While there we no changes, the radiologist who read the mammogram suddenly suggested a surgical biopsy.  My surgeon was in total disagreement with that assessment, so we decided on yet another 6 month mammogram to check on those rogue cells, and THEN go back to 1 a year if everything looked the same.  He showed me last time's mammogram as well as this time's mammograms, including the pictures taken during the ultrasound.  I love it when the Dr lets me see the science and reasoning behind the decisions.  At this point, I am going to trust my surgeon and wait.  I don't have any bad feelings in my gut that this is the wrong decision, but if anything changes, I guess I will get a third opinion.
Now on for a different update that doesn't involve boobs:)  Miss Stella ella is up to 30 minute walks comfortably.  The weather has been helping, the temperature is much lower lately, however, the humidity is still pretty bad.  I try to take the dogs out after my runs on tuesday and thursdays, and then whenever it is tolerable in the afternoons.  We had our first non accident day in months (she typically has three pee accidents during the time we are at work), but then she followed it up with several accidents during the night:( I can't believe the amount of pee that comes out of this dog sometimes.  I am going to say that while I am VERY happy she is alive and on the mend, the floor that we will have to rip up and redo including the subfloor, and the drywall are going to cost us some major money.  Plus, we have a vent right where she has been having accidents, and I am sure that the flood is going down that vent as well.  Time will tell when we turn on the heat in the winter and get that wonderful urine scent.
She is actually pulling me in this picture like she use to!
The pred hunger continues as well, and she has snatched several things out of andrew's hand, which scares me.  She got him pretty good the other day trying to steal his apple slices, and while it didn't break the skin, it scared andrew pretty bad.  I was hoping with the decrease in pred, that we might see some decrease in side effects but nope, not yet.  I am not sure how long the effects of the high dose will linger.  Again, please don't misconstrue my complaining, I am very, very glad she is alive and well.  She is starting to go up for frisbee throws and ball throws, and seems to be putting on weight again.  She wants to play ball and frisbee and is initiating play sessions, something that she had honestly stopped doing.  We have been evaluated for a canine fitness program, but honestly, I have not had time to start our exercises yet.
She did give us a scare a couple of nights ago.  Her third eyelid was up on one eye almost all the way, and then on another eye part of the way.  I was ready to scoop her up and take her back to KSU, but after some panicked texts, my vet called me and assured me that the level of steroids she is on should prevent relapse at this point, and that she probably just had a small trauma to her eye.  We iced it and waited, and sure enough, the next day she was back to normal.  Thanks for scaring the crap out of me stella ella!  I guess my biggest concern at this point is the fact that her head still has no meat on it.  She is still very cone headed and that hasn't changed.  While I haven't noticed any issues with her chewing (one of the side effects from another muscle wasting disease), I was hoping the reduction in pred might cause her to gain some mass on her head.

All in all, great news in our household!  I am hoping we both continue to have great news in the future.

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