Friday, December 25, 2015

A bump in the road part two and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I thought I would update as the boys are all out now from all the Christmas fun!

I heard back from the radiologist yesterday that the tumor or lump was benign.  That was a huge relief.  However, he kind of disagreed with the pathology report and that kind of worried me.  He felt like what he was seeing was a radial scar, and the pathologist didn't even look for that type of tissue.  He suggested a follow up in 6 months, but I just didn't feel comfortable with this plan.  After doing some research into radial scars and seeing the exact pics that i saw on my mammogram and ultrasound on the pages I found, I totally see why he thought it was a radial scar.  My primary care physician called shortly after the radiologist.  We discussed my concerns about the wait and see method and how uncomfortable I was with that method. She assured me that if it was cancerous, that type of cancer is slow growing, thus the reason for the 6 month re screen.  She was very open to listening to all of my concerns and my experiences.

See here is why I am worried.  If the tissue was indeed a radial scar, my chances of developing breast cancer are greatly increased.  Monitoring is one method, but a full surgical biopsy is also a very good idea, as according to my research, the core biopsy is not the best way to determine cancer cells in a radial scar.  The radiologist didn't suggest surgery, but my primary care physician thought that that might be a good idea.  Unfortunately with it being the holidays, her go to surgeon was out of town, but as soon as he gets back, she is going to consult with him and then possibly set me up to see him as well.  I like this forward approach.  I would rather stay on top of this whole process and do a full biopsy of this tissue rather than wait and see.  It if is benign after the full biopsy, then I can rest easy.
In other news, I worked Christmas eve to get some stuff done, since I was unexpectedly out a little last week.  We get Christmas eve off, but my boss is totally cool with me swapping out days.  Unfortunately as the day progressed, I started feeling worse and worse.  Tony had had a stomach illness the day before and even had been off of work, and apparently it was viral as I got it too.  I haven't thrown up that much in a long, long time.  It lasted about 6 hours, thank GOD, but it kind of ruined Christmas eve.  While everyone was down stairs having fun, I was upstairs quarantined.  Luckily this morning i have felt fine and have even eaten a little.
The only present Andrew kept asking for was a flipping Thomas.  It flips and has a remote and goes all over.  It even takes a nap eventually BUT it talks CONSTANTLY.  I like it when it naps the best.  He was SO excited when he saw Flipping Thomas.

You know you are officially an adult when new sheets and a quilt, plus some new towels are the BEST present EVER!
Santa also brought Andrew a bike.  Unfortunately, Andrew has deemed the bike scary.  He did finally go outside and go up and down our road, while Daddy road his bike.  He still isn't totally excited about it, but I am sure it will grow on him.  I am just glad he hasn't gotten sick yet. 

Well, going to get back to the family and maybe eat something tonight.  Have a very Merry Christmas!!!!!

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