Thursday, December 17, 2015

Nuun Ambassador program announcement!

I am SO excited!!!!  I applied for several ambassador programs a while back, and thus far I had been turned down for most everything.  I am on the Kansas Team Beef program for 2016, but I wanted to expand into other types of ambassador programs.  I had contacted several active dog type products, since I am a runner with a dog, but most don't have programs up and running and just offered to send free products in exchange for some blogs (Which I need to finish:).  Anyway, I figured I just didn't have the social media presence, so I was probably not going to get into any of the programs.  Let's face it, I am not a user of twitter, I LOVE instagram though just joined recently, and FB is more just for family and friends.  Then I opened my email last night and I got this:
I was officially picked to be an ambassador!!!!!!  I am SO excited that i can barely type!  I LOVE their products!  With the help of the Nuun all day tablets and the Nuun energy tablets, I have been able to cut out my daily diet soda, and get almost completely off of diet soda and sweet tea  (I admit, I do indulge occasionally, but very rarely) I have been able to boost my daily water intake to up to 60 oz a DAY or more on some days and I no longer have those hunger pains at 11 am and at 3 pm! I also have gotten rid of the dizzy spells I had been having  That is really, really good considering I was getting maybe a few ounces of water a day.  Plus, even when I go out to eat or where ever I am, I can pop a tablet into my water at the restaurant or a water bottle and have my Nuun anytime, anyplace.  I keep a tube of the all day Nuun grape raspberry and the Energy in my purse at all times.  
I am very honest when I say years ago I tried the product I was not a fan at all. I just couldn't find a flavor I liked, and I wasn't training enough in the heat and humidity to see the value.  Then enter in this summer, I trained for my first marathon and that is when I really came back to using Nuun full time.  I bought a tube of the grape electrolyte tablets and that was all she wrote.  I used it on every run and then during the day too, when I wasn't running.  When I was at the expo for Chicago, the Nuun booth introduced me to the all day tablets, and I started incorporating water into every meal time and in between.  I am so happy to have such a great product in my life, and I can't wait to see where this ambassador program will lead me.  I can't wait to try new products and to tell everyone else out there about how great and useful their tablets are for anyone, runner walker or work out enthusiast!   2016 is shaping up to be a super year and i can't wait to get it started!

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