Monday, December 28, 2015

The never ending stomach virus

Okay honestly, I have not had a virus like this in years.  Tony and i are still battling the after effects.   Just when we think we are over it, it hits us again.  I honestly still don't have an appetite, and when I do and eat, it comes back to haunt me every time with horrible indigestion, burps and diarrhea.  I wanted to run yesterday and just didn't think I had the energy, since I had not really eaten.  I ending up briskly walking for 3 miles on the mill while watching a movie, when the boys went down for a nap.  Later on, when andrew was upstairs playing, I managed to get my strength training routine done, but it was slow going.  I ended the week with 3 total miles running.  I guess everyone needs a down week now and again.
We have done a lot of this the past two days.  He has suddenly decided the bike is pretty cool, and that he can go FAST.  While I like running with him while he pedals, he is about to give me a heart attack as he has NO fear.  He has laid the bike over a couple of times now but he always just brushes off and gets back on. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing:)
We ride all over town which is the perks of living in a very small town.  The sidewalks are pretty good and even when we have to be in the street, people are pretty good about watching out for us.  The best part of all of this, Tony has started riding his bike too!  I love that this is causing all of us to be active again.  I run while the boys ride and it just works out great!

Well, hoping to be back at work tomorrow!  Have lots to do before we are gone for a whole week to San Deigo for the UGM.  Maybe this year i got my sicknesses out of the way before we head out.  Let's hope I get some good running in because it sure is beautiful there!

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