Sunday, December 13, 2015

2015 Santa visit

We had our first successful santa visit!  If you want to read about last year and the year before, go here and here.  I am happy to say that this year we had no tears.  We were still pretty shy but we sat on santa's lap and actually had a short conversation.  I want to thank IBEW L.U. 226 for having the most awesome Santa as usual.
I just love the woodwork in this building! 
After Santa, we went to our usual post santa meal at Juli's.  We found out some super sad news though.  Juli is moving to Texas, but the shop will remain open.  I hope they keep the same food we have grown to love over the years.  Coffee you can reproduce, but good food, pretty hard to do.
We love Juli and wish her the best.  Andrew fell in love with this Indian statue.  He kept kissing it, so I had to take a picture.
 After lunch we decided to head over to the Overland Station in Topeka as well.  All of my Topeka friends had told me we had to go, but I honestly didn't believe them that it was as awesome as it was.
 I mean, not only did they have a kid's area complete with Thomas train table, they had a full caboose for the kids to play on and in, plus tons of train books, coloring areas and puzzles.  The best part?  On the other side of the doors that andrew was standing by in the picture, there were real trains passing by!
 Plus, the museum part was pretty cool too.  Tony and I couldn't walk through at the leisurely pace we would have liked but we will be back!
We had a great day and can't wait to go back!  Sometimes I wish we could just move to Topeka to be near all of this cool stuff BUT, I could never leave our cute town!  Speaking of our cute town, we made not one but two newspapers this week!
In both pics, he is playing with trains. His little obsession is making us famous!  We also made the video about the the season of lights in the park riding what else, the train!

Well have a great weekend!  My running has been pretty light this week with recovery from the 10 miler being the biggest priority.  Mel and I did an easy 4 miles wednesday, I did an easy 5 miles friday and then yesterday post Christmas and trains, I did an easy 3.  Today I am planning on a long run but I have no clue how many.  It is raining cats and dogs out there with no end according to the weather reports.  

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