Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 Goals

Spending some time writing while the boys nap.  Here lately, that is the only time I have time to write ,but I will take it!  I still need to invest in a lap top, so I won't be so constricted to one spot for writing. Everyone has been doing their year in review posts and their resolution/goals posts for next year.  I so love reading what everyone has been up to and what they intend on doing next year.

 Honestly, I am not really looking to change much, more just keep up what I have been doing because it sure did work. I got a PB on every course I ran this year that I had run the previous year, and I got some new PRs in all distances.   I want to continue to do my strength training and get back to twice a week  (shhh, don't tell my coach I have only been doing them once a week since Chicago:).  I do want to hit more trails, especially with the trail nerd association in KC and their awesome races, even if it means some drive time.  I am looking forward to another summer of training for some sort of fall marathon and maybe bringing back the 25 K i did in 2014.  Of course I can't wait to do the Heartland Series with Mel G and get that finishers jacket!!!!  I am looking forward to my normal local races including Brew to Shoe 10 K, Speedy PD 10 K, Tails on the Trail 5 K and the local dog/trail race that I missed due to Chicago last year.  Mel and I are also eyeing a couple of 10 miler trail runs throughout the year on that tough trail that i did just recently for the Alternative chili run 10 miler.  All in all, i am looking forward to an injury free, running packed 2016!

Happy New Year!!!!!

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  1. I'm not going to lie...I may or may not be running the Heartland series again for the jacket ;)