Friday, January 1, 2016

Running by the Numbers 2015

Okay I wrote a post like this last year last year, and it was kind of fun, so I thought I would write one for 2015.  I have even added a races tab to my  blog, not to brag at all, but more for me to see the progression.  I love seeing improvement, because I work really, really hard to get that improvement.

First of all Happy New years!  We went to a kid's party that Andrew's best friend's mom hosted.  We had a veggie tray, a fruit tray, cupcakes and summer sausage and cheese to eat with a few adult beverages for the big kids.  The kids had FUN!

We had silly string and fake champagne toast at 9 pm complete with a netflix count down:)  Those kids are party animals!  We headed back to the house and watched the ball drop at 11pm our time in new york, and then headed to bed.  I had a long run scheduled for the morning, so I couldn't be a party animal and honestly, I was ready to go to bed at 10.  I made sure to drink my Nuun with electrolytes before bed to equal out the adult beverages.

To follow the format that I used last year here are the numbers I collected to sum up 2015

Number of miles I ran: 1200 even.  I had to go run half a mile to get that number last night:) I am still in disbelief.  To go from 828 with an injury to 1200 and perfect health is mind blowing.

Biggest mileage month: 154 in august.  I am still so excited that I finally had a few 100 mile months.  

Number of Races I did this year: I have written down 13, but I swear at one time i had a list of 14, but can't for the life of me remember the one I am missing.  Check out my new races page for the list!  I  did 1 marathon,  5 half marathons, 3 10 ks, 1 10 mile technical trail race, 2 5 Ks, and 1 two miler.  

Number of DNS: One 10 K, the speedy PD.  I just didn't think it was smart to do that much racing while I was training for Chicago.  Of course I decided that after I paid the entry fee but the Speedy PD benefits Parkinson's disease research, so I am glad to have given my donation to a worthy cause.

Half PR: 2:06 at Rock the Parkway which is my A race for the spring.  Still wanting a 2:05!  Hopefully this is the year!

10 K PR: 56:43 at the Vet school's Dog and Jog.  Cool weather made this possible because this course was a double loop with some killer hills!

5K PR: 27:40 Tails on the Trail 5 K.  I need to do some road races this year to see what I can do on flat.  I think my marathon training helped up my speed.

2 mile PR:  Well, this isn't fair because this was my first year.  17:52.  I was also coming back from my injury so I played it safe.  This year hopefully I can push it and get a better time.

10 Mile PR: 2:31:50.  This was my first stab at this distance, and it was on a super technical trail.  I am hoping to get that number way down in a road race.

PB:  Pretty much every course I re did this year was a PB.  The proof  is in the pudding.  I worked super hard last winter no matter what the weather to get these times, and i am super proud of accomplishing everything I accomplished.  This is all made even better by the fact that I had a doctor last year tell me to quit running and find a new hobby due to my biomechanics and injury.  I would love to visit his office some time and show him my marathon medal:)  
I had hoped for an epic year, and I think I accomplished that.  I am looking forward to improving my times even more this year, but even if I don't, I am just super happy to be healthy and running!!!!!  I love meeting new friends and am looking forward to meeting some of my blogging friends I have met via the computer this year in person!  I am also excited to train for the Heartland Series with Mel G and have my mom run the 5 K at Running with the Cows again this spring.  
I am also looking forward to hopefully another injury free year and another fall marathon.
 2016 here I come!!!!!

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  1. You did have an epic year! Great job on all the miles and races! I miss those 100 mile months... :)