Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Stunt Puppy-Gear for active dogs!

I have blogged about the great products at Stunt Puppy, as I LOVE their running leashes.   I love the fact that they are hands free, and bonus, made in the USA!  Our own local running store carries a variety of the running leashes in store, including the Go dog Glo running leash, which is my go to when it gets dark early and I am running after work.  I contacted Stunt puppy a few weeks back to see if they have an ambassador program, since I am such a big believer in their products.  Much to my chagrin, they don't have a program in place, BUT they wanted to send me some free products to try.  Since I am huge user and lover of the running leashes, I decided to try the non-running leashes (which are also hands free) and the new Go Dog Glo Dry collar, made with reflective Biothane.

The first thing I noticed about the collar was that you could attach a leash to it on a ring OR you could use it as a martingale.  I love using collars with martingale options.  I have heard too many stories about dogs pulling out of collars, and then having horrible accidents, so I am a big fan of a collar that won't come off.  I also like the nice durable easy to release plastic snap, that can handle up to 225 lbs of pull. Note that this is not an break away collar, or a collar I would leave on a dog unsupervised.  
I can see this collar being very useful for walks at low light, or after dark, and for dogs that like to do water type activities due to fact that it has the biothane.  Plus, it will never stink, since it will stay dry, and not absorb water!  

I also like the fact that with the two D rings you could put tags on one ring and the leash on the other.  It is always a pain to try and leash up on a D ring that is already full of rabies/microchip/phone number tags.  With two rings, you don't have to worry about that!!!  And again, don't forget that all is made in the USA!  

Now on the leash.  I LOVE hands free and this leash is the softest most durable material I have ever seen.  Straight from their website  the leash is made of "tubular webbing used by climbers and firefighters, it's the softest, smoothest and most comfortable leash for you and your best friend".  It's a five foot leash that can be a hands free leash or a hands on leash or even around the shoulder leash.  They can also tailor the length if you need a custom length, which is super nice.  They come in 5 colors and again are made in the USA!  The every day leash also has the "traffic loop" near the collar that I just love, so that you can pull your dog in closer if you are in a crowded situation or for running, about to cross a busy street or have a car coming by.  I LOVE the versatility of this leash and highly recommend it for every day use.  

I just can't say enough about their products.  Stella Ella and I LOVE (notice I use the word LOVE several times:) them and use them every day.  They are durable and colorful and ship quickly.  We are lucky that our local running store carries their products but if you can't buy local, you can find their products in their web store or on amazon.  Thank you to Stunt Puppy for sending me some products to try!!!!  Your quality surpasses all others, and I can't thank you enough for making awesome products for us who run with dogs, but also to those who just need an everyday leash or collar!  

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