Sunday, January 24, 2016

Heartland Series 2016 Training Week 2

Another week in the books.

Monday: 400 meter repeats at an 8:15-8:30 pace with a mile warm up and cool down.  Wind was coming out of the south/south west, so tried to get an equal amount of repeats in the wind, versus the wind at my back.  You can tell which ones are in the wind, versus out of the wind based n the repeat time.   The first one was horrible, but they got better, and I ended up tired but happy.  Not looking forward to two speed work outs a week, not going to lie, but I love the results when PRs happen.  5.79 miles total with repeats and warm up/cool down.
Why does this happen every time I try to do anything on my mat?
Tuesday: Strength training.  I was honestly thinking about taking this as a rest day.  I had a million things to get done when I got off work, and doing strength was just not on the list.  Plus, when I got home, my hubby suggested to just go to Mcdonalds for supper (he is the cook in the family), so I had already eaten dinner before I had time to work out.   I decided to wait 2 hours post eating, and if I still felt like not working out, I wouldn't.  Well, for some odd reason, after 2 hours, I did want to work out,  and I am glad that I did.  My work out went really well, my kiddo decided to stay down stairs with daddy during most of my work out, and I did the entire work out sans shoes to try and strengthen my stupid ankle that hates me.  I call that a WIN all the way around.   I really enjoy doing the same strength training exercises two weeks in a row.  I feel so much more comfortable with the exercises after a week (I write week but it is really 2 days) of trying them.

Wednesday: 5 or 6 miles, easy.  Sigh.  We had snow the day before and were threatened with more Wednesday night. I really did NOT want to get on the mill for even 5 miles, but I also didn't know if it was a good idea to go out on slick streets.  I drove my normal running route, as I had gotten off early, and it looked okay, maybe just wet.  I decided to try it and hope i didn't hit an ice patch and land on my butt.  I headed out with trepidation, and am happy to say, other than a couple of spots that I was suspicious about, it was fine.  I had plenty of traction out on the gravel and it felt SO good to be outside.  Of course it started snowing after I got back, and as I type this, it is still snowing and we have over 6 inches.  I may be stuck inside the rest of the week and weekend, but at least I got out and got some fresh air.  5 miles.

Thursday:  Rest day and over 5 inches of snow.  YIKES!

Friday: 4 miles planned.  Well actually 5, but someone I got it in my mind that the plan said 4.  Got on the mill thanks to the half ice half snow roads.  There is just enough on the roads that yak traxs might work, but it is spotty in some places.  I opted to just get on the mill and watch an episode of The Leftovers instead of tip toeing on ice.  Stella was not happy, but I am drawing ever closer to being done with season one.  I read the book recently and had missed seeing the series when we had HBO, but now we have HBO Now, so I can go back and watch.  So far, I am liking what they are doing with the series versus the book.  Both seem equally good.

Saturday:  Had decided to long run on sunday when it might be a tiny bit warmer and the roads might be a tiny bit clearer.  Plus, Mel would be back from Germany, so would be joining me.  Did another round of strength training.  Back to 2 sessions a week and feeling good.  Even loosing some of that stubborn 10 lbs that I had acquired:)
Sunday: 10 mile long run.  The plan was for Mel and I to go together but the reality of her being gone had caught up and she was unable to go.  I begrudgingly headed out with some podcasts cued up, and a plan that if i had to walk due to slick conditions, that I would do just that.  It took me almost 2 hours to get 10 miles done since I did indeed have to walk some, but I am glad to say I didn't slip or slide or fall.  I did turn my ankle once just running on a straight line, because I am talented like that.  I have super flexible ankles, so they tend to do that occasionally.  I am a little sore post running from it, but will ice and take it easy today (well, as easy as you can take it with a 3.5 year old and three dogs).
Note to self:  Dog boots did not work for stella, although we tried a cheaper version, so maybe the more expensive version would work better.  I need to order some musher's secret and try that next.  While she didn't seemed bothered by the snow balling up on her feet, I would still like to know that her feet are in good shape this winter.  

Total miles: 24.79

I am really glad we only got 5 inches of snow versus the 40 inches they have on the west coast!  The snow pictures people have posted are amazing.  I don't even know what we would do with that much snow!  Hoping the little ankle turning thing isn't a big deal but will play it by ear this week for sure.  Have a great sunday and GO BRONCOS!!!!