Thursday, January 28, 2016

An update on my new running shoes the Asics Gel DS Trainer 20

I haven't mentioned an update on my new shoes I got from my trip to Road Runner's Sports in San Deigo.  I am going to rectify that now since I have long incubation times in my experiments today.   If you recall, I went from a very light weight neutral shoe in my Sacouny Kinvara 6, to a light weight stability shoes in the form of Asics Gel DS trainer 20.  Here are my observations.

I have soreness in both legs from running in my new asics.  I have been pretty much running in them since getting them in early january.   I found that going back and forth from two different shoes does me more of a disservice than a service.   I am noticing several patterns of pain.   Note, on a one to 10 scale with 1 being the least amount of pain and 10 being the most, all of these pains are around a 3-4 right now.

One is a soreness in my left arch.  My left leg/ankle/foot is always the problem child.
The other is soreness or tightness in my leg on the outside of my shin bone on both legs.
The other is a very odd soreness across the top of my foot (imagine if you can, not just that dot but a string of dots across the top of my foot. This is a new soreness for me, and I feel like has to be related to the structure of the shoe .  It isn't a deal breaker for stopping use of the shoe,  but is a weird feeling/pain.  I can't understand why it is bothering my left foot and not my right, however when watching the video of how the shoes corrected my over pronation,  there was a much clearer correction on my left than right, thus the reason for pain on the left and not the right.  
I wear my kinvaras that have 4 mm heel drop all day in the lab, and run in my asics for all work outs.  Now, I have noticed through research that my Asics have 10 mm (which is standard) heel drop, while my Kinvaras have a 4 mm heel drop.  I didn't really have any pain while running in my kinvaras, however, I felt like the over pronation needed to be corrected with the stability shoe (although the more research I am doing into this topic, the more I am thinking I may be wrong). I immediately thought when seeing the over pronation on the video that my off and on pain in my ankle might be because of the over pronation. Now, I don't have pain in my ankle, but have pains elsewhere, so is it worth correcting the over pronation?.  Am doing lots of research now to see what is the best answer as to what to do.  Live with some over pronation, or fix over pronation and have other pains.  I really think I am past the breaking in stage, so this isn't just pain due to breaking in the shoes.  I am again wondering if the shoe you run in should be the same shoe type as what you wear everyday, however, I know most runners aren't even in running shoes at work and don't have issues.  I am trying to decide if these pains could escalate and cause more issues if I ignore them,typical runner dilemma.  At first, I really felt like my legs and feet were just getting use to being back in a stability shoe.

As usual with my weird body,  why don't I feel any of these pains during my run?  I know I am over due for a good ART session with the master of pain so that may clear up everything at this whole blog post may be a moot point.

Anyway, still doing research and trying to boil down these issues.  Ah, the life of  research scientist, who is also a runner, who also has big long incubation periods in their research projects for the day:)Thanks for reading my daily ramblings and if you have experience with any of this, please leave me a comment!


  1. I have soreness in my left arch too. PF. It's the devil, I think. I don't know if I believe in a "breaking in" phase in running shoes. I think what's happening for you is that you are running in a different type of shoes and your body is adjusting to the change in mechanics. I was using orthotics the last couple of weeks and I had so much overall soreness, that I took them out of my shoes. I read that it takes 6-8 weeks to adjust to orthotics. Since they weren't really helping my PF, away they went.

    1. You know, I would have argued that it wasn't PF before this morning, but this morning I had the typical I can't walk first thing in the morning response (I had PF years ago when I was just showing the dogs). CRAP! I guess I will go back to my kinvaras:( I am heading back over to your blog to re read your post on PF to make sure I cover all of my bases.