Saturday, January 16, 2016

First Week of Official training for the Heartland Series and a Confession

Even though my hubby has had the man flu all week, I have managed to get in all of my runs.  I am so thankful that he was able to suck it up, so I could get out and get my training in.  The week looked like this:

Monday: An easy 5 with some 30 second pick ups littered throughout.  Ran with Mel so had good conversation and the miles flew by.

Tuesday: Strength training with some killer exercises my coach put together including some one legged squats (ouch) and some good old crunches.

Wednesday: an easy 5 with Mel again.  We aren't doing official speed work yet, so more just easy runs this first week.

Thursday:  a day off.  A time to catch up on laundry and dishes and and and..Sigh.  Why do they call it a rest day when there is actually no rest involved at all?

Friday: an easy 4 with the two nuts Deuce and Stella.  I had promised Deuce we would have some mommy and me time, but Stella really wanted to go.  I had heard that many people had seen coyotes lately, so I thought two protectors was better than one.  I tried letting them both off at the same time to get their runs out, and stella pretty much tried to kill deuce for 2 straight miles.  Put them both on leash to head back, was tired of yelling at Stella to BE NICE TO YOUR BROTHER.  Sometimes i feel like I have three toddlers instead of one.

Saturday: A long run of 9 miles.  I sure do love running in the winter.  Sleeping in is glorious, even if it is only till 7:30 am.  Went out at 9 am on my beloved long run road and several Run to the Top podcasts cued up.  Felt like 14, but there was hardly any wind and the sun was up, so I felt great.  Glad I got out today, it's suppose to be -14 tomorrow, BRRRR!

Sunday: Another round of strength training.

Total mileage: 23 miles

A great first week to get back in the saddle of training.  I am going to miss Mel next week as she is out of town, so hoping my coach is nice to me and doesn't throw anything too crazy my way.  I ran all of my runs in my new ascis shoes, and other than some general soreness, am feeling pretty good overall and glad that I got the shoes.

Now for the confession.  It pains me to say this but, I have gained weight. Not just a little, according to when I weigh myself, 8-10 lbs, which is a TON for my little frame.  I knew my clothes were fitting a bit tight lately, but I tend to try and stay away from the scale.  Years of weight watchers made me hate the scale, and I am in the best shape I have ever been in so the scale doesn't matter usually.  I judge it more on how my clothes fit, so when I could barley squeeze the button close on my jeans the other day, I thought wow, what am I up to now.  Gulp.  I was expecting a few pounds, but not that much.  I know I was pretty good during the holidays, because I had the stomach flu and couldn't eat.  I think it is an additive effect of doughnuts before grocery shopping, and fancy coffee with whipped cream and flavors, and christmas candy on sale.  I know on my trip I was bad, because I only travel once or twice a year, so I like to enjoy myself, especially when all food and drink is free.

So, what am I going to do?  Well, I have made significant good changes in my life the last few months during and post Chicago training, so I am going to continue doing those things.  I am keeping a water bottle at my desk and trying to get at least 3, 16 oz water bottles drank a day with my Nuun tablets.  I have replaced my lunch diet soda/flavored tea with Nuun Energy tabs.  I try to drink Nuun + water at dinner, instead of my beloved beer( i am a huge fan of craft beer and usually have one at night with dinner).  I try and just do black coffee instead of fru fru mochas.  I eat hummus and veggies for lunch, versus going out to eat.  We also meal plan and grocery shop weekly, and try to have 4-5 meals planned for the week, so the eating out trips are minimal.  I am trying really hard, and i just need to buckle down harder.  The trips are done for 6 months till we go to Colorado for Mel's wedding.  The Christmas candy and goodies are all eaten and gone.  I am back to enjoying black coffee and I am back to more miles running.  I am hoping that all of these little changes are going to add up and that I am going to be back down to my racing weight soon.  I am trying not to dwell on it, but I did want to get it off of my chest and put it out there for accountability.

See, I feel so much better now.  Have a great weekend!!!!!

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