Friday, January 22, 2016

Upcoming races in 2016

Okay been thinking a lot about my upcoming races.  I have a few locked in that are a go and are paid for in full.  What I have on my schedule so far is:

St. Patrick's Day 2 miler + 10 K road race in Manhattan KS  March 12th

Wicked Half Marathon in Wamego KS  March 26th

Heartland Series which includes:
Rock the Parkway Half in KC April 9th
Garmin Half in KC April 16
Running with the Cows Half in KC May 14th

Brew to Shoe 10K in Manhattan KS August 6th

There are several trail races that are kind of calling my name.  The trail nerds races are awesome because they allow dogs, so Stella can run with, but they are two hours away and in the winter, that is always an iffy proposition.  I am the biggest winter weather driving wuss that was ever born, so if we were to get snow, I would eat the cost of the race.  There is a nice technical trail race the weekend of June 4th about 2 hours away from here that also sounds really good.  I don't think they allow dogs though, and the allure of trails is to run with stella.

Then there is fall.  Of course I want to do my dog trail races including the 5K in manhattan and the 5K in Topeka.  I have to think about the big one, the big goal of the year.  I have two trains of thought.  My original train of thought was to do another big city marathon.  I wanted to enter lotteries for Chicago, New York, and MCM.  My only hang up is the cost.  The experience was hands down amazing, but the cost was astronomical.  Just two nights of a hotel was over 800 bucks, plus our air fare and food we bought while we were there.  I have heard New York is more expensive, but I would potentially have a place to stay,  leaving just air fare and entry.  I also potentially have a place to stay for MCM, so airfare and entry would be the only cost.

Then there is this other train of thought, a freight train of thought that is thundering through my head.  I want to do an Ultra and I want to start with a 50 K.  My only hang up is I don't do enough trail races or training runs, and most 50 Ks are on technical trails.  I have found two 50 Ks in Kansas that aren't on what I consider technical trails (and I hope I am not wrong).  One is Kansas Rails to Trails Fall Ultra Extravaganza and the other is Kingman Kong Runathon.  Both are around 2 hours away, would only require possibly one night of a hotel room (at a much lower rate than a big city I might add), and are on relatively beginner friendly courses.  The Rails to Trails ultra has multiple longer distances along with the 50 K, and the Kingman Kong Ultra has multiple shorter distances along with the 50 K.  Both are out and back courses.  Both are in rural Kansas, which speaks to my heart since I run in rural Kansas.  They both are on the same weekend.  Yes, they cost over 100 bucks to enter but not near as bad as a big city marathon.  I really feel like this distance is calling my name.  I really feel like after my first marathon experience, and the training I went through, that I am ready to go longer.  I still had gas in my tank and a desire to run at the end of 26.2.  I am currently doing a ton of research on ultras to see if I really want to do this.  I have also contacted the organizers to see how quick they both fill up so I know how long I need to wait before I make a decision.

So there you have it.  What I am doing and what I am thinking about doing.  Call me crazy but we are runners, so we are all a little crazy:)


  1. Everyone is talking ultras and I"m over here talking about cutting back on my will be fun to follow you and see how your year goes!

  2. Yeah it will be interesting to see how this goes. I had a friend email me about a guaranteed entry to MCM and a place to stay so really having to think about what i want to do.