Thursday, January 14, 2016

A bump in the road part three and the first OFFICIAL week of training starts

I thought I would update my bump in the road story.  For those who are lost and have no clue what I am talking about, you can go read about my bump in the road here and here.  Basically, I had a breast cancer scare that was followed by a flurry of Drs, Radiologists, and biopsies.  My path report came back benign, but my Radiologist Dr. felt uncomfortable with the results, which made me feel VERY uncomfortable.  I am very lucky in that I know many people in research and industry, who are in this area of cancer research.  Through reviewing the path reports with them, I was feeling a lot more comfortable with the wait and see method.  My primary care physician had suggested a consult with a surgeon, which I felt would really put my mind at ease to have basically a third set of eyes watching.  I had my appointment Monday, and I came out feeling a ton of relief.  My new surgeon did a great job of going over every ounce of my path report, complete with pictures (I am a visual learner).  To break it  down to a super easy level, I have some cells in a duct in  my breast that are abnormal.  They are not cancerous and have probably been that way most or all of my life.  They could have come from a trauma to the breast,  including running, or all of the sports I played while I was growing up.  He feels very confident that waiting and watching is the best option, and wants to do the mammogram at his office, while he is present at my 6 month follow up.  While he felt that the Radiologist DR had to go in and do a biopsy if he even had a smidgen of doubt that it was cancerous, he felt like since the lump was super tiny (1 mm) and that it couldn't even be felt upon palpation, that probably monitoring more closely would have been a better option.  I guess I am on the fence.  I feel like knowing that it isn't cancer was worth the pain and the compression bandage for a few days.  I probably would have erred on the side of caution anyway and asked for one.  I will have my next mammogram in six months so stay tuned for updates:)
Just a quick update on running.  I have pretty much kept up my running since the Chicago marathon, mainly for the mental benefits it gives me.   Of course I took some time off, and then had a few very light weeks with lots of cross training to ensure full recovery.  I have a good base built for this upcoming training year, and will start my official training this week for my spring full of half marathons.  I am still using Coach Jenny (meet her here), and still love her strategy for me.  I run 4 days a week, usually Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, with strength training on Tuesday and Sunday, and a complete rest day on Thursday.  I usually do two speed work sessions a week (repeats, tempo runs, fartleks, or progression runs), two easy runs a week, and a long run on the weekends.  I have lots of wiggle room to shuffle runs and work outs around if needed.  You know good ole life, it likes to mess with you, especially if you are super Type A like myself.  I really love the fact that Coach Jenny gives me specific strength training work outs.  I don't do well with, "hey, go to the gym and work out", because I will find myself on the treadmill every.single.time.  She specifies the exercises and the reps, with three rounds expected,  but also with the ability to reduce reps or lighter weights if needed.  So far, I have been able to borrow any equipment needed for my strength training, thanks to my wonderful running friends.  I am also continuing to do at least two runs a week with my speedy friend Mel and sometimes my long run.  This is a HUGE advantage because accountability is very important in the winter time, and honestly, I really don't love speed work and she does.  She is also faster than I, so chasing her helps me stay in the allotted pace I need to be in per my coaches instructions.  I am really excited for this training cycle, and really excited to try and hit my goal of a 2:05 again this year in the Heartland Series halfs.

In closing this random post, I came back from my trip to find out I now have a dare devil on my hands.  Can't wait till he can ride his bike long enough to accompany me on my easy runs:)  Thinking maybe elbow and knee pads might be a future purchase as well.

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