2018 Races
Liberty Hospital Half Marathon: PACER for the 2:40 group: 2:40:53
Running with the Cows: PACER for the 2:45 group 2:46:08
The Bill Snyder Highway Half: PACER for the 2:35 group.  2:33:14
Hospital Hill Half:  PACER for the 2:50 group 2:54:50
PyschoPsummer 10 miler: 2:50:08
Flatrock 25K: 5:24:16
Trails for Tails 5K: 30:50
Randolph's Revenge trail Half: 4:00:52
Tails on the Trail 5K: 28:44
Sanders Saunter 25K: 4:24:22
Manhattan Turkey Trot 5K: 27:27
Girls on the Run 5K:  Ended up being 3.4 miles 51:17

2017 Races
Heartland 50K: 7:01:57
Run Back To School 5 K: 28:48
6/12/24 hour: 6:08-unofficial 50 K PR (did not make cut off)
MHK Turkey Trot 5K-26:55 PR 3rd in age group

2016 Races
St. Patrick's day 2 miler/10 K DNS-injured
Wicked Half Marathon:2:21:29 (Course was 13.5 because of wrong turn)
Garmin Half 2:12:15 (New Course)
Paw Valley 5K and Festival 26.44 (would be a 5 K pr but I think the course was short)
Running with the Cows2:05:10  NEW PR for the half!!!!
Brew to Shoe 10 K 56:32 PR!
Konquer the Konza 25K 3:03:23 PR for this distance

2015 Races
St. Patrick's day 2 miler 17:52 First time running this race
St. Patrick's day 10 K 59:23 First time running this race
Wicked Half Marathon 2:09:10 First time running this race
Rock the Parkway half marathon 2:06:00 PB
Garmin Half 2:08:18 PB
Running with the Cows half marathon 2:07:22 PB
Dog and Jog 10 K 56:43 First time running this distance at this race supposedly placed in AG
Brew to Shoe 10K 56:45 PB
Speedy PD DNS
Back to School 5 K   28:35
Guardian Angel's Service Dog virtual Half Marathon
Chicago Marathon PR 4:45
Tails on the Trail 5 K 27:40 2nd in age group
Alternative Chili Run 10 Miler 2:31:50 PB

2014 Races
Fancy Creek Trail run 5 miler PR 1:08:14
Rock the Parkway Half marathon 2:15:47
Garmin Half Marathon 2:13:29
Running with the Cows Half marathon 2:09:48
Hospital Hill Half marathon 2:19:47
Brew to Shoe 10 K 59:08
Speedy PD 10 K 1:01:49
Pounding Pavement for Paws Virtual Half
Purple Paws Trails for Tails 5 K 28:42 3rd in age group
Konquer the Konza 25 K 3:09:36
Virtual race 6 miles for 60Feet and STUFT mamma
Tails on the Trail DNS injury
Wagathon 10 K DNS injury
Lakeview Half marathon DNS injury
KC Half marathon DNS injury
Muddy Udder obstacle 5 K DNS injury

2013 Races
Mom's Run for Others 5 K
Brew to Shoe 10 K 1:03:28
Speedy PD 10 K 1:04:24
Run Back to School 5K  27:52
Tails on the Trail 5 K 30:26
Rock and Roll St. Louis Half marathon 2:20:06
Winter Runderland 5 K 27:58
Runshunga 5k: 30:03
Unleash the power of age 5k: 31:15

2012 Races
Tails on the Trail 5K: 37:55

Autumn and Friends 5K
Red Ruby Slippers Run 10K
Lyme Fighters 5K: 30:53

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