Sunday, September 21, 2014

Konquer the Konza

Sorry if this takes a while. I have pretty much been in bed since I got home with a splitting, sinus pressure head ache. I really feel like dog poo.  I have drank water, taken drugs, prayed and eaten but I just can't stop feeling horrible.  If this is how it feels after a big race, this will be my last LOL.  Let's start at the beginning shall we?

Up at 5 am to fuel.  Pre race felt great, got the em, business done I needed to do in a timely manner. Got picked up and parked with 30 minutes left pre race.
Had to get a pre race selfie.  We were both battling injuries, so we were both a wee bit nervous.  
She was super speedy.  This is the last we saw of her all day LOL!  Another Wamego runner, miss Mel G.  
We watched the sun come up.  The weather was perfect for the race.  We are VERY lucky as it was 90 and horribly humidity yesterday. 
The course is very beautiful.  That is probably the only reason why it was doable, and didn't make me feel like I was dying till afterwards.  
The course was a mix of dirt, gravel, grass and pure Kansas beautiful.  We had a new friend join us during the race.  Her name was Jenny and in my silliness I made up names for us.  She was Jenny from the block, Robin was rocking robin and I was Michelle my bell.  We walked when we felt like we needed to conserve energy, ran downhills and flats, and all finished a little over 3 hours.  
This was us after our first trip up the stairs.  We look way too happy for it to be the second time LOL. 
Here is a fun video that Robin's  hubby made after our second trip up the steps and at the finish.  Jenny from the block is in this one.  
This was at the end.  I for whatever reason was so emotional that I scooped up andrew and ran across the finish with him in my arms.  I can't wait to see the pictures because from behind, andrew looks pretty funny.  
He always steals my water. He also at half my banana.  
My favorite finish pic.  I so need to loose some weight:)  Poor tall jenny from the block had to squat to fit in our pics!
After the race, carbs were needed.  Vanilla fro yo with reese's peanut butter cups and hot fudge.  Yes please!  A shopping reward also was needed.  Got a new pair of nice compression pants from Target.  I so love their work out clothes.  

Okay overall thoughts.  Great race just not my scene.  I don't think I am meant to be a trail runner.  Something about the speed I can get on the pavement just makes me feel so much better.  No runner's high after this one, just relief it was over and feeling sick ever since.  No post race beer tonight for sure, just bed and rest.  After I am done typing this, I am heading back to bed.  I have tried advil, tylenol and sinus medicine for the pressure.  Nothing is working.  I felt like I ran a smart race and for being injured, I am proud of my time.  I walked enough that I was able to get some good mile times on the flats.  I think I will go back to volunteering next year:)  I loved the experience, loved meeting new friends and running FINALLY with my BRF.  If I hadn't have felt so sick, I probably would have enjoyed my post race celebration more.  Great race, can't wait for the pictures.  They were all over the course taking them so I know they got some good ones.  Back to bed for me, good early night!

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