Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Uh oh. It happened

Well, that title could imply a lot.  Maybe I should clarify.  I noticed my clothes had been fitting a little, shall we say, um, tighter lately.  I at first played it off that my core was getting super buff thus poking out a bit.  Then I started doing a 30 day plank challenge, and my core couldn't even handle a 45 second plank on week 2.  Hmmm.....Then I saw the pictures that my hubby took of me this weekend for my virtual half.  Yep, very clearly a pooch has developed, and not a cute one.  More like a spare tire roll from hell.  I am a food rewarder. I always have been and it is a horrible habit that is hard to break.  I like to reward hard work outs and long runs and any other big or small achievements with bad greasy food and ice cream .  I know it has been bad lately, because I always justify it with the statement of "well, look at how many calories I burned today, i can totally consume that".  Bring on the cooler weather and the pumpkin beer and thick hearty stews and breads and wow.  I have always packed on a few pounds going into winter, but this gain I am seeing is bad so early or at all period.  Now I know some of it is muscle but the muscle parts of me that fit into jeans still fit comfortably:)   I need to cut down and cut out certain things.  I need to stop food rewarding.  We need to start cooking more at home and less eating out.  It is a battle I have fought for years and have conquered from time to time, just have to get serious again and stop justifying the "I run therefore I eat" mentality.

In other news, we are firmly in the monkey see, monkey do period with andrew.  Case in point:
We have 6 dogs in our household right now.  Six dogs = lots of poop.  I try to keep it picked up daily.  Andrew watches me and now has been helping me by running around and yelling POO at the top of his lungs every time he finds poop.  Yesterday, before I could start, he picked up the scoop and the bag (already full from the day before) and started walking around the yard attempting to pick up poop.  Unfortunately for me, he hasn't mastered the art of using the scoop (its one that has a claw that opens) so I can't pawn this mighty fun task on my son.  
His curls are also trying to return after his hair cut.  I am so excited to see that they might be permanent.  What is cuter than red hair on a child?  Curly red hair on a child!!!!  

I did go to my massage guru yesterday to get some confirmation on what is going on with my leg.  He did agree with Dr. google and says it is shin splints on my left leg.  Because of the way I run, (toes out) forcing my leg into a different position due to the camber of the trails is causing muscles I don't normally use to become over used and angry.  He agreed with my plan of action to not do any more runs out there till the race.  I am wearing my compression socks during runs and also during the day at work.  
Yes, they are that sexy.  Too bad I have to hide them under jeans since I have to have long pants on.   I am also trying to ice when I am not chasing andrew and or a dog around and taking advil.  Not sure what I am going to do about my run schedule.  Waiting on my coach for advice.  I took the day off yesterday since I was planning to anyway after my virtual half I did sunday.  I had planned on doing speed work today, but I am SUPER sore from the work he did and don't think I can muster speed work or hills.  Will probably do an easy run tonight just to see where I am at.   I have two 3 mile runs planned this week since I am officially tapering down for the race September 21st.  I also have hills and speed work in a pace run that may be knocked down to straight miles.  Will just have to see how this plays out. I  want to be smart about this and try and nip it in the bud now.  While i have really enjoyed trail running, I am thinking it isn't for me.  I may be a total pavement runner after all. 

Off to finish up an experiment.  Have a happy Tuesday! 


  1. I completely gained weight when I trained for my first marathon. I'm trying to be better about it this time and paying attention to the extra calories I'm eating. It's hard!
    Sorry about your shin splints. Hopefully a little rest will help clear that up!

  2. Me too! I have never really been injured thank the Lord, and I am not handling this blip in the map right before the big race very well.