Sunday, September 7, 2014

Recovery run and a virtual Half marathon

I love fall weather. Fall weather means I have so much more latitude on when I can run versus only at the butt crack of morning and the end of the night. Yesterday, after all the fun we had during the day, Deuce and I took off for a little three mile recovery run.  Those are the best for deuce, slow and short.
We just had to walk through the park at the end and get some pictures with all of the pretty flowers.  I miss having one on one time with him and I really enjoyed our run together.  
The wild sunflowers are beautiful so we had to take a picture with them too.  
All in all, it was a great run.  I let him do some running off lead and he was perfect.  Can't wait to incorporate him more in my fall runs.  
Today I did this.  I signed up for a virtual half marathon to benefit cattle dog rescue.  I LOVE the medals, even if I don't have mine yet.  I was suppose to do it next weekend but with my taper starting, I had to do it today.  Shhh...don't tell them I did it earlier than I was suppose to:)
Miss stella and i started out with my BRF and low and behold, two or so miles in we found a full field of sunflowers.  Will have to keep visiting it this week because most of the sunflowers are not open yet.  It will be BEAUTIFUL when it is.  I tell you what, I am going to be honest here.  I don't think either me nor my BRF were feeling this long run. Yes, it was 51 when we started and i am grateful for that but for whatever reason, even though I fueled like normal, I felt like poop at mile 8 and it just got worse from there.  
She cheats on me.  She likes to run with my BRF sometimes, especially if she is in the lead.  Stella got COVERED in burrs and stickers today also.  Fun times.  We did two loops of our 6.5 mile trail and I think that was part of the reason why I had a bad attitude. I don't do well with loops.  I also didn't do my usual pre-run pasta dinner or lunch, opting for grilled burgers last night so there is that as well.  
Oh well, it's done and over and i am going to put it out of my mind.  This is my post race photo I will post to the FB group.  We couldn't get everyone to look at the camera at the same time LOL.  Afterwards I battled that typical sickness I have after a long race.  I have no clue how I am ever going to run more than 13 miles.  I drank lots of water and went to the park with my boys.  I think it helped for me to be up and moving.  I also ran in my compression socks today.  I think I am battling shin splints in my left leg for sure, so I had read that this sometimes helps, and I didn't have any pain the entire run, so I think it did.  I will ice and take advil tonight just in case AND see Doug at body first this week fo sho.  
After I devoured a chicken fried steak at a late lunch (hello 1300 calorie deficit), I took the fur kids to the pooch plunge.  It was fun and even deuce got in on the swimming. I could only handle two dogs at a time so came back and grabbed harley after these two were done.  For whatever reason, my water dog wanted nothing to do with the water and everything to do with grumbling at any dog that came near.  He was a super grouch and we only stayed for a few minutes after several displays of his grumpiness.  I took him to sonic to let him have a mini milkshake even though he was a grump.  I guess old age is starting to set in with my harley man.  

Hope you had a great Sunday!  We are taking advantage of the cooler temps and grilling out tonight.  Have a great week!

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