Thursday, September 11, 2014

Injury update and a pace run

Even though I have been told to run normally, I think I am going to listen to my body and take a rest day tonight and knock my hill repeats back to just a 3 or 4 mile easy run. I am still very sore and my leg did hurt a bit last night while doing my pace run.  I kept my pace under 9:20 (thank you fall like weather) and didn't feel like i was going to croak at the end or even during the run.  I so love fall weather!  Yes, I am going to keep repeating that over and over till I am back to lamenting snow and ice in winter running!

Stella even seemed to enjoy pacing with me, as she has been dragging on pace runs and any speed work for that matter. I had even left her home the last few speed work sessions, just in case her dragging was the fact that she wasn't handling the heat very well.   She was back to her normal happy running self out in front of me versus slinking behind me so the heat must have been bothering her.    We tried out our new stunt puppy glo leash, but it didn't get dark enough to really see how well it worked.  I do think I bought last year's version off of amazon versus this year's version so it may not be as cool as the new version.  The reason why I think this is the leash part does not have the glo strips on it as seen on the website of the newer version.  Serves me right for buying something haste because the price was right.  Someone asked me the other day how i determine when it is too hot for her.  Anytime the thermometer says above 90 or the heat index is in the 90s, she is a no go.  Even on a short non speed work out runs.  It just isn't fair to her even if she really wants to go.

I am still concerned about my leg and have been instructed to come back in to my massage guy if it is not better by this weekend.  I have a 12 mile run that I am planning on doing on a flat route this weekend, and would like to try this run for the last long run of my taper.  I also want to be very smart and proactive about this injury.  I have been icing and wearing compression socks as much as possible.  I haven't been as good about taking advil as i should be.  I am hoping that this lingering soreness is not me being stupid by continuing to run, but just an after effect of the hard work that Doug put into getting all of the knots out of my leg.  We runners tend to be kind of silly when it comes to injuries and sometimes its hard not to think it isn't bad, especially when it comes and goes and doesn't hurt when you do regular things like walk or work.

Enough whining.  On to fun things.  Like this:
Look at that weekend weather report!  I am SO stoked!  I am ready to get out my fall running gear.  Say hello to the running tights legs!  

Also, I read this article this week and it made so much sense.  Four Reasons For a Long Run Gone Wrong  I need to start color coding my runs to see if I can figure out trends.  As a scientist, I love looking at data and interpreting it.  

Well, good luck for the rest of the week with your running.  I am off to go try and get my toddler to go to bed earlier tonight.  He was up till past 11 last night so hoping tonight is an earlier night!

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