Saturday, September 6, 2014

A week in running

It's been a short week thanks to the holiday being on monday. So much going on and the arrival of fall like weather makes everything so much better.  I could seriously just curl up with a big fuzzy blanket and the windows open,  and sip pumpkin flavored coffee and or beer:)  It has made my running towards the end of the week so much better as well.  Hello fast paces, where have you been???

I decided to take a rest day on monday after our 11 miles at out at Konza sunday.  Even taking it easy, Konza whoops my butt every time we run out there.  My BRF and i decided no more long runs out there till after the race.  She is still fighting some lingering hamstring issues and I seem to be battling some sort of shin issue, so we need to heal.  We have a 13 miler on tap for tomorrow and we are running in wamego for sure.  Flat and easy is the name of the game till the race.  I am going to use my long run for my virtual half that i am doing for the Pounding for Paws virtual race.  My dog friends talked me into doing this one and it benefits cattle dog rescue which is fine by me.  I get a medal, stella gets to do 13.1 with me, and my BRF gets her long run done.

I re-arranged my running schedule and did my pace run tuesday night.  It was super hot and super humid, even at 9 pm at night, and my pace showed it.  I wanted to hold a 9:10, which is my 10 K dream pace, but it crept up to 9:30, which is what my 10 K pace has been more like in these summer races.  I was disappointed, but I just keep telling myself, fall is coming, fall is coming.  I am not sure when exactly my left leg started bothering me, but it started feeling off on thursday.  While it didn't really hurt when not running, I decided to put my compression socks on and wear them to work, which has worked for me in the past.  I noticed more when I ran a recovery 4 miler on wednesday night, as it seemed to burn and hurt for the first  half of a mile, and then all the weird feelings went away.  The problem so far has been that it only hurts for a little while as I warm up, it goes away and doesn't hurt when I just walk or work, so I forgot about it.  Thursday night was another steak night date night so rest night.  Got to get these in while my brother in law still lives with us and doesn't mind baby sitting.  He did by the way get a job and starts monday (HUGE sigh of relief).  Now to help him budget and find his own little place to rent.

I decided to do my repeats friday night, my recovery 3 saturday and my 13 sunday, when my BRF would be back in town.  Even though she hasn't been doing speed work, she was a trooper and came with me to my favorite place to do repeats.  She tried but her hammy was really bothering her, and neither of us want her to be injured so she stuck with 400s.  I had two 800s, a five minute break and then four 400s.  I really do love 400s, especially after doing 800s.  My pace plan was 2 minute 400s and 4 minute 800s, and thanks to the much cooler weather (we actually were chilly in our typical summer running gear), I was able to hit some much faster times.  My leg bothered me on and off, but not really a bad pain, just a hey, I'm here and not feeling great feeling.  I have decided no playing around, monday will be a call to doug at body first for sure. I have been trying to stay super hydrated, stretch as much as I can, and keep my leg up and compression socks on as much as possible.  I am sure it has something to do with my calf muscle, so I am hoping it is fixable, and that running 13 on it this weekend isn't stupid.  At least if we can fix me long enough to finish Conquer the Konza, then the rest of the races I have are only 13.1 or less and not near as tough terrain.

We have been putting this off for a while but today was the day:
We took andrew to tony's local barber who coincidentally was named Tony as well.  Tony the barber did an AWESOME job cutting andrew's hair.  Not a peep or a cry was heard and for the most part he sat very still and let him cut.  We didn't use clippers this time but maybe next time.  
There was some bribery as he got a little fidgety at the end.  I think what bothered him the most was the little cotton stuff that they put on his neck.  Why do they use that anyway, anyone know?
We took him to the park first to wear him out and ride the train, so maybe that helped.  I am sad to see his curls go, but I am proud that I didn't cry.  He looks like a little boy now with the curls gone:(  I did have him cut me one big curl to save, and have already put it in his baby book.  
After the barber shop, we loaded up and headed to manhattan to play at the chick fil a play place.  Am i the only mom that gets a whee bit annoyed when parents dump their much larger and much older than suppose to be playing on the equipment kids in the play place?  The place was hopping, even at 1, and even a few weeks after opening.  We also made a quick visit to the local running store to load up on fuel for the coming weeks and to see how many miles I had on my current shoes, just in case that is the cause of my leg bothering me.  After I added in when I bought them, it seems I have at least 100 more miles on them before I should really think about retiring them.  Good to know.  Glad that mapmyrun now has a shoe tracker so I don't have to guess as much either.  
Have a happy rest of your saturday!  Hope your long runs are great and the weather is fall like, like it is here in north west kansas:)

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