Friday, September 19, 2014

T minus 2 days till Konquer the Konza!

The butterflies in my tummy have formed a mosh pit and are head banging to some Slayer!  I haven't really had a race where I wasn't 100% at the start line, so I am hoping that this is the reason for my nervousness.  I haven't really tested my legs with any hills since this all started and I am hoping my leg can survive the hills and the stairs.
This was last year cheering runners on.  This year I am the runner being cheered.  I hope that Bunny rings that cow bell loud and proud for me as I die hike up those stairs.
Hi stairs.  I will see you twice in a few days.  Be nice to me.
Hard to believe this was almost exactly a year ago.  Wow, how much has he grown!  

I am so glad I found my runner's ID (so they can id my body when Konza takes it toll on me) and my pink compression socks under the bed this morning.  Wonder what else my little munchkin has hid under the bed from me?

My phone has been giving me troubles.  I am not the most tech smart person in the world. I know just enough to be dangerous.  My answer to something not working is usually just buy the newest verison.  I have several very tech savy kids working for me.  Youth is the key to some of these crazy tech issues I think.  Today my phone wouldn't do anything, like it was bogged down.  I had been getting messages about too much data and such, but I had no clue what that meant.  I do take a TON of pictures, but I had no clue how to get them off of my phone.  In the older days of my other Iphone, I would just plug my phone in to the computer and walla, like magic it would download them to our Mac.  Now when I try doing that, I get all kinds of error messages.  I am so clueless.  Apparently, through much sleuthing by me and one of my tech savy students, I have more stuff to back up than I have space on my iCloud.  I decided to go ahead and buy more storage so my phone can back up on a regular basis.  I just plugged it in and it says it has four more hours of backing up yet to do.  Whoops.  At least i have peace of mind that my pics of my munchkin and dogs will be safe shortly:)

I was good and didn't run yesterday if you are wondering.  I did walk 2 miles and my leg started feeling a little off.  We cut it short since it is so close to the big date.  I am liking not being in pain and am ready to be pain free for a much longer time.  Not walking tonight although may do some walking tomorrow at the Blues Fest in Paxico.  Other than that, my future involves lots of pasta and some much needed down time when daddy gets back from Tennessee.  

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