Sunday, September 28, 2014

Agility play date and Festival Time

I've kind of been dreading this weekend in a way.  So much going on in one weekend.  I really didn't want to miss anything but I was unsure how we were going to get it all in and be happy doing everything.  I am pleased to say that after day one of the weekend, we have hit everything we wanted to and are well rested and ready for day two!
We are so lucky to live in a small town that loves doing cute festivals.  We have Oztoberfest, weirdly enough in September, where we celebrate all things Oz.  We have the Oz museum here in Wamego, to those not familiar with this area, and it is the largest collection of Oz memorabilia in the world.  Go Here to read about it.  It is a truly unique museum, and is worth the price of the ticket to see it once if you are ever in the area.  I grew up watching the show once a year on TV, so the movie has a special meaning to it for me.  I fear that the younger generation, who has netflix and instant gratification on youtube,  probably won't understand that specialness of the Wizard of Oz.  Use to, when the original munchkins were alive, they would travel to Wamego for the festival, and it would be a multiple day event with vendors and Oz fanatics from all over.  Now, due to there being no living munchkins from the movie, it is a much smaller, but just as fun of an event.   Lots of Oz themed characters running around and Oz themed vendors and games.  Little red loved bouncing in the bouncy house the most.  We bought the all day pass for him and we got our money's worth.  We would go shop and go back to bounce, go eat, go back to bounce, go look at the car show, go back and bounce.  The only trouble was they had one of those inflatable obstacle courses, and he of course wanted to do that instead of the boring bouncy castle.  He probably could have made it through, but i felt like he was a tad bit young for some of the climbing portions.
There were very few vendors this year, but there was this guy making steel creations, and we got a super cool power cat to hang up.  He lives down the road and makes custom metal creations of all kinds. I think I will have to come up with a design for a metal hanger.  His prices were very reasonable and i think he would be fun to work with.  No beers in the beer garden this year but, that is okay.  I am still battling daily headaches and I don't need beer helping with those.  Plus, i had an agility play date yet to go to.
After wearing everyone out with bouncing and walking, we headed over to the playground to get some extra playing in so little red would nap while I was gone.  He and daddy did the BIG slide again that gives mommy heart palpitations.  He loves it, and as long as he makes it up, going down is no problem.  My biggest fear is the steps are very narrow and he tends to look backwards while going up them and wobbles.  I won't go up it with him because I am terrified of heights, but daddy will.  We missed getting to ride the train, but we live a block away so that can be for another day.  

While everyone was settling in for some football watching and napping, I headed out to go play agility with my baby D.  I have so missed all of my friends that I use to show with.  While I had wished more of the KC folks would have come down, most of the local peeps showed up and a good time was had by all.  While we were super rusty, it came back quickly and we did some awesome stuff on a tough course, and got some good visiting in.  I bawled my eyes out when I left. I really, really miss that aspect of my life. I know my dogs love me no matter what I do but I love the bonding and time with them doing the sport I love.  
We ended the day at our favorite local mexican restaurant.  Even after the super yummy festival foods (the chicken and waffles were AMAZING), I was craving some tasty mexican dishes.  Andrew is now tall enough that he can sit in some booths and eat without the help of a booster seat.  This kid is seriously growing so fast.  He was super good at dinner ,other than some loud talking, which is par for this age.  No  meltdowns, he ate lots of chips and cheese, and ate half of his dinner, which is a score in my book. 
Then this happened.  See that little hair thingy?  Well, after Konza, my big toe had been bothering me.  I thought it was just a blister forming and figured it needed time to do its thing.  I had noticed it had gotten increasingly sore and my toe was getting red and angry looking.  It was between my big toe and index toe (?), so super hard to look at unless I became a contortionist and inlisted a flash light and mirror.  I had my hubby look at it several time, and he thought it was a splinter or something.  I kept playing it off as a blister but it was hurting last night so bad that I gave my hubby permission to do whatever means necessary to make it not hurt anymore.  After some very technical surgery with some tweezers and finger nail clippers, he pulled this thing out.  We have no clue what it is and how it got into my toe during Konza, but there it is.  There was puss too but I spared you that picture.  My toe instantly feels better and I am looking forward to running on it this week.  

May do a slow low mileage run tonight to see where my legs are.  The pain in my left shin comes and goes but the for the more part it has been quiet.  I am ready to test it out and see what it feels like.  Have a great sunday!

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