Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday runday funday

Here is a little confusion.  So i technically ran my half marathon today, but I didn't because I ran it last weekend.  I know, right?  I actually ran 12 miles today, but i am switching those two runs:)  I am pretty sure no one doing the virtual would care anyway.  I should have just emailed them and let them know I am preparing for a 25 K, and have to run my 13.1 the week before I was technically suppose to.  My actual 12 miler today was okay.  Well, I take that back, MUCH better than the last long run.  Still not great, but I will take it.  I am hoping that i am just tired from this latest training cycle, which doesn't end after this race, because i have two more halfs this fall.  My leg doesn't really hurt at all when i run, but when i am done, OUCH.  I am going back to my massage guru this week and will go from there.  I am running no doubt this coming weekend in the race, but may have to re evaluate future plans. I want this GONE.  If it means eating a race, I guess that is what it means.
On to the long run.  We had 12 on the books and 12 we did.  It was amazing weather again, much like last weekend.  Nice and crisp when we started out, with the sun coming out and warming us, but not too much heat, and no humidity.  I ran in compression socks and shorts again, and my arm warmers with my hydration vest.  I was tempted to run in my jacket, but i am glad I didn't because I was shedding my arm warmers pretty quickly.
I was trying to take some sort of artsy cool shadow picture of the three of us, but it just turned out creepy looking.  We ran on linear trail, but started at a park at the end of one of the trail heads, so we ran around the park and then headed out.  We crossed two bridges, one of which had a floor made of grating.  Stella said not only no, but HELL to the no.  She went under the bridge instead into a field of grass and who knows what, and is now covered in about 1 million little seed sticker thingies.  On the bright side,  at least they weren't cockle burrs. 
I posted another pic on FB  of our run selfie, but I love this one too.  She is licking the top of my water bottle.  I am so going to miss her next week on Konza:(  At least I have my BRF with me.  We will limp, crawl, run to the finish no matter what.  I am so excited to finally race with my BRF.
After running, I was really craving a mocha with whipped cream. I ended up with a 12 oz minty mocha with whipped cream (i normally try not to do whipped cream to save some calories LOL) AND a smoothie.  This one had bananas and strawberries, and who knows what else, and it was perfect.  
We also had to get more carbs and stop at the doughnut place.  I was good and only had one even though they all looked amazing, and miss stella even got some doughnut holes.  
She is just so dang cute.  Can't stop taking pictures of her.  Between her, Deuce, and my kiddo, I have an addiction.  

After all of those carbs, we had to go shopping at the local running store, especially since i had a free babysitter at home.  They had moved all the summer mizuno stuff to the 60% off rack.  I have been coveting this shirt for quite some time.  Purple and mizuno are a huge win in my book.  I love their clothes and only run in their breath thermal clothes in the winter.  When I saw they still had my size in this super cute purple shirt, it was the sign I was waiting for.  Normally $42 and on sale, with tax I got it for $18.  SCORE!
I also got this yesterday.  My mom got it for me for my birthday. It is up and the medals are hung and I am so excited to finally have a medal hanger versus having them hung on my bedroom mirror.  Looks like I am going to need a second one already after the year I have had in running.  She also sent me her extra fitbit that she had gotten for free.  I didn't get my 10 K in the first day because i couldn't get it charged before my run, so I walked with my BRF.  I also had to walk last night because I took yesterday as a rest day for my injury.  Today in four miles, I got my 10 K steps and am now currently on 31 thousand steps.  May go for another walk tonight to stretch out the legs too. My new fitbit friends, all of whom work out, but do not run, are going to hate me.  
Since I am talking about yesterday, might as well talk about our day trip.  Took the day off from running to go to Topeka and get coffee and food and let cayce my brother in law andrew play at the discovery center.  I didn't take my phone into the discovery center since I have tons of pics of andrew playing there, but I did snap this shot from the windows of my favorite coffee shop in the whole world.  Hello capital building.  What an awesome view!  We had so much fun and I can't wait to go again.  I discover something new in that place every time we go.  

Have a great rest of the weekend or what is left of it!  I can't wait till next sunday when i FINALLY Conquer the Konza!

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