Thursday, September 18, 2014

All is quiet

I had pain session number two yesterday and i have to say my leg feels SO much better.  The pain master, AKA doug worked on just the front of my injured leg for over 30 minutes.  I also had a new knot in my right quad that got the forearm treatment.  Can i just say a huge OUCH right now?  He informed me that when he said take it easy, he meant don't run or run very low mileage.  Guess my idea of take it easy was run 12 miles slow and on a flat surface, not run low mileage.  Whoops.  SO I have had one 3 mile run this week pushing the stroller, a three mile walk and a four mile walk (that ended in ice cream).  I may or may not run another 3 mile easy today.  My leg feels wonderful and I would like to keep it that way, but because the cats are playing auburn tonight in town, I have been advised to take off early and so I am.  A three miler minus a jogging stroller sounds like heaven.
I had forgotten how quickly it gets dark once summer is over.  The other night we went out at 7 and it was dark by 7:30.  We needed more visibility, so we used the reflective stickers that grammy sent us for our stroller.  That lasted about two nights and now the stickers have been picked off and played with and no longer stick.  Oh well, I will start wearing my vest again to keep visibility up.  I love his new fake smile.  They take a ton of pictures at school, so he has learned to cheese.  I am contemplating cutting those top curls off.  I can't believe I said that but it's getting a bit unruly and I think it is time.  Now to find a free weekend to attempt another hair cut.  

T-minus 3.5 days till Conquer the Konza!  Debating on picking up my packet today and potentially fighting traffic or just getting the heck out of dodge and picking it up tomorrow.  I do need to go to that side of town but I really would like to get home and possibly run.  Decisions, decisions.  

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