Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Photo dumpage

So here are some random photos I have accumulated over the past few days that I need to dump.  Like this one.
Love great free pictures from races. Wish I was looking up but oh well.  Body First, here is a good advertisement for you.  I think you should sponsor me and give me free massages for advertising for you at all of my races:)  What can I say, I love my running hat.

The local paper did a little pic from this weekend's 5 K, the Purple Paws Trails for Tails.  This is stella and I getting our medal.  

This was the new field for disc dog practice.  I guess I failed to mention we had disc dog practice right after our 5 K.  Miss stella was hot and tired so it wasn't our best but it still was fun.  We are learning so much about this great sport and can't wait to learn more.  We officially have our practice discs and have been practicing.  
She was very interested in what Nadja was doing with that big camera.
Love this one!  Thanks Nadja for shooting these.
A funny outtake from picture taking at the 5 K.  
Not really sure what I am pointing at.  A little down time with my aussie posse before awards.
And finally this!  My first 100 mile month!  I know that isn't a biggie for most runners but it was HUGE for me.  For some reason, it didn't count my 5 K i did saturday so I was actually at 103 but who cares.  Can't wait to keep logging big numbers like this.  

And finally, a few words about something that I have been thinking about a lot lately.  If your read my other blog at all, I whined about debated this a lot.  This weekend I missed one of our local dog shows.  I really thought it would kill me to see everyone's updates and pictures.  Instead, I thoroughly enjoyed all the updates but did not feel one bit of sadness for missing.  This is a show that I have gone to for years, no matter what, and this year, I just didn't enter.  Partially because we are supporting a fourth member of the family for now and I just couldn't justify spending a hotel/food costs on me and put the family in a financial hard spot.  Partially because I just haven't had the time and or desire to drive out to the practice fields and practice.  I have learned at the beginning of this year, when I put the time in to work on issues and practice, they get marginally better in the show ring, but when I use agility shows as practice, I walk away very disappointed.  So, to combat these issues, I am  not entering anymore shows till we are back down to a family of three, AND I have put in good solid work on deuce.  Right now, I am still battling allergy issues with him and the affects of yet another round of steroids.  I am sure that having this aggravations will not help his success in  agility.  Agility is just going to go on the down low for now and I am at peace with that decision.  I do miss my friends very very much and may have to plan a KC day trip just to see all of them.  


  1. Congrats on your first 100 mile month! It's great that you are so active with your dogs. What a fun way to spend time with them!

  2. Thanks Angie! Can't wait to start training for a marathon soon like you are! I am thinking maybe chicago next year. Really wanted to do the Wicked marathon next spring as they allow dogs (and dogs get medals for finishing) but it is too close the Heartland Series.