Sunday, August 31, 2014

Rainbows and bunnies

I could see the storm clouds building as we drove into Konza this morning, even before the sun rose.  They were big and fluffy and white.
They seem to be far south of us, so we headed out for two loops, one the 6 point something loop, and then the four point something loop to hopefully get us the 11 we needed.  Yes, we did run around the parking lot like idiots when we didn't quite hit 11 at the end of the loops.  Yes, I totally need to charge my watch before we head out as it died.  My phone is always a little conservative on mileage, so walked extra at the end just in case.  
As we climbed hill after hill, we could see the rain and the numerous rainbows.  The wind was blowing from the east, north east, so we thought the storms would stay south of us.  We saw some amazing rainbows form, due to the sun being out to the east and the storms being south.

We saw vertical rainbows and double rainbows and single rainbows that you felt like you could reach out and touch.  

It was truly beautiful.  It rained on us, first a slight drizzle, then a steady downpour, but nothing too bad.  After the last, very hot and very painful run out there, the rain was welcomed, along with the breeze that it brought.  By the end of the 11, the rain had stopped, and we finished on a good note.  Both of us had run races the day before, so our legs were not the freshest.  We took walk breaks, took lots of pictures, marveled at the wildlife, and got in our therapy sessions that once a week keep us sane.  I felt a lot better about racing out there after this run and confident that even if we have to walk and or take short breaks, that we should be able to finish this race in under 3 hours (although we still don't have a time goal really).  Tomorrow is a holiday and we are going to take a nice long walk in the morning to stretch out our very tired legs.  So far I have been able to keep the tiny tot busy with either puzzles, toys, videos and or food, so that i can just keep rest and my legs up.  

I did get to wear my hydration vest today, and other than a couple of odd places of chaffing, which I attribute to my tank top, not the vest, I LOVED wearing it.  Still getting use to the sloshing of the water bottles, but if it is going to be hot, I am going to need them.  I did tighten the vest down some and that helped but it doesn't eliminate it all together.  I did empty one of the 10 oz bottles on my run, but still had the other one full, so i should be fine and not need to fill up at all the whole race.  I didn't listen to music at all today while running, but did get my phone to fit as well as my gels in the various pockets.  I am wondering though, after several very sweaty runs, if it will start stinking at all.  I was drenched from the rain and the sweat after this run for sure.  I try and make sure to hang it up when I get home so it gets plenty of air dry time.  I really think it was a wise purchase for this race and will enjoy having it as I do more trail races.

Okay, off to go play with the red heads.  Have a great rest of your sunday!

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