Sunday, August 10, 2014

Long run saturday and easy run sunday

Pardon the nose art on the door.  It's been a week of seeing this every time I leave.  He likes to make a big deal of me running at night.  He makes me feel really, really guilty and has included giving me lots of kisses when I leave too now.  That makes it worse for sure!  Maybe one good thing about morning running is he usually isn't up.
This happened this week.  It's a nail, not sure of length.  Long enough to puncture the bottom of my shoe and poke my toe.  It bent on its way in or it would have probably penetrated my foot.  I heard it go in but thought it was a rock till it started poking my big toe.  When i stopped to look I didn't see it because it was so skinny and had bent.  It tore a big hole in my sock but luckily didn't do much to my toe other than poke it a few times.  
That was an interesting run anyway.  We had a huge storm with hail, lightening, and thunder.  I wanted to run earlier than later and it looked like i could go between storms.  It was HUMID.  Cool but HUMID.  
It rained most of the time when I was running but it was a gentle rain and it felt good.  Other than a nail in the foot and dripping sweat, it was a good run. I had to stay close to the house so did loops just in case the other storm hit.  It never did anything else so I guess I got lucky.  

I also had hill repeats this week.  I tried the 6th street hill which is a nice steep hill and the perfect distance if you start at the church parking lot.  I was lucky in that a kitty lived at the top of the hill and stella noticed him on the second repeat and pulled me up the hill for the next 6.  Thanks stella and thank you little kitty!  I also used my watch for the first time for a work out and I LOVED it. No longer do I have to stare at it to know how far or fast I went.  It beeps to start and beeps when you hit your distance on the hill and then you tell it when to start again for the next repeat.  It also prompts you for the cool down and warm up.  GENIUS!  I can't wait to use it for the 400 and 800 meter repeats.  I always slow down looking at my watch to see if I am close to the end. Now I don't have to:)  
My BRF is out of town this weekend and I dreaded a long run without her.  I posted on one of my wamego running groups to see if anyone would be going out.  It just so happened that one of my super speedy friends needed to do 4 or 5 easy, so we decided to meet up and go out.  I was a little scared, she is SUPER fast, and I am not, and i didn't know if she could go slow enough for us to run together.  It ended up that when we got up, it was storming so she went back to bed and I stayed up and watched the storms.  We were lucky in that we got a break and the second storm never hit us, so we got our 4 in together before I headed out to do the rest.  She was very gracious to keep the speed low and we had some good conversation the whole way.  

Not sure why but the rest wasn't very good.  I was tired and it was getting hot and muggy.  I tried to run in the shade of the corn stalks but a few times we had to head away from them.  Some runs are awesome and some are not, and this one ranked in the not category.  Not sure if it was lack of someone to talk to, or the heat/humidity.  I saw that other people who were out long running yesterday also had struggle, so it must have been more the weather.  I was literally counting down the tenths of miles till i was done and I usually don't do that. Oh well, it's over and done and maybe today will be better.  It is already cooler thanks to some overnight storms but the humidity is pretty high.  May just have to be a night/afternoon run.  Have a great rest of the weekend everyone and happy running!

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