Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Musings

It has just been one of those weeks.  The heat has returned with a vengeance, so my night runs have been tough.  Some nights i have had to wait till 9 or later it is still miserable.  Because of this icky weather, I did my fartlek session on my repeat road, so I could have water bottles placed all along the straight away and at the ends.  My hubby decided to go with me too, since it was so late and all.  He got a good solid 3 miles in, while I ran back and forth, pushing it for a minute as hard as i could and recovering for two.  Used my watch again to tell me when to run and when to recover and I LOVED it.  I have all the basic speed work work outs programmed in now, which makes doing them fun and easy, especially since I do most speed work on the road.  I hate using the track because it gets so boring and I miss having stella with me.  It was super hot even at 9 pm and we both had to dump water on our heads to cool out as well as on miss stella.  I am so READY for fall running!

Since I had to take a rest day on monday (after running on the Konza sunday) due to some super sore ankles (Why my ankles, I have no clue), I had to get creative with my speed work and recovery runs, so that it wouldn't interfere with my 10 K race this weekend.  This weekend is the Speedy PD, another 10 K that i really love.  Here is my recap from last  year's race.  It's a tough race as it lures you in with the flatness for the first 3 miles and then BAM, here is a huge killer hill that never ends that is pretty much the whole mile 4.  Then mile five is straight back down a windy steep hill that to me is harder than the up hill.  I am a much stronger runner this year, so I am hoping to get a PB on this course and maybe even a top 10 finish in my age group.  This race groups by  every 10 years, so I am in with those speedy youngins in their early 30s so I feel like being in the top 10 is a worthy goal.  After my fartlek work on tuesday and my recovery run on wednesday in 96 dergree heat, I decided to take two rest days prior to my race on saturday and do a double on sunday to make up the miles.  I think this will be a good decision, because the heat index has soared above 100 the last few days, and will so again today.  I would rather be well rested and hydrated versus tired and slightly dehydrated.
I did get this in the mail yesterday.  My new hydration vest is here and I LOVE it!  I can't wait to do a long run in it next weekend out at Konza.  I was pretty unsure of what size to get, as I fell at the top of the small size but at the small end of the medium/large. I went ahead and ordered the medium/large, and I am so glad I did!  It fits snugly, but perfect for anti bouncing, and I don't think I will have any issues with it chaffing my back or shoulders.  
Andrew had to test it out too.  He really likes the bottles in the front.  I have never run with a bladder before and that is an option, so will have to try that out as well.  I love all the pockets and zippers and places to stash stuff.  I wish I was doing a long run this weekend to try it out!
Lastly this.  Just this.  I am a huge fan of all things pumpkin.  I know a lot of people scoff at fall and  its pumpkin flavored everything, but I am not one of those people.  I already have my keurig cup holder stocked with pumpkin flavored coffee.  I ventured out yesterday to check and see if pumpkin flavored beer had hit the shelves as well.  My favorite brand wasn't in yet, but they had two new brands along with the others i have already tried in the past.  This one was probably my most favorite of the two I grabbed (can't remember the name of the other one I bought right now).  Shipyard makes a nice full bodied pumpkin beer with a hint of tasty spice at the end.  This one may be my new favorite of all time (sorry blue moon).  The guys in the house (minus little red of course) both liked the other one but it was like drinking a light beer to me.  Give me full body and flavor please!

I guess that is all for now.  Keep on the look out for an update tomorrow or sunday about my race and have a great weekend!

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