Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturday has gone to the dogs

It's been a good week and shaping up to be a good weekend.  We had a date night thanks to Uncle Cayce.  The last one we had was on vacation in Tennessee,  so its been a while.  We hit the local steakhouse for steak night.  While the service was horrible, as it always is, we did have good perfectly cooked steaks and some tasty beers.
Too bad it wasn't in a Royal's glass.  As of right now, they are in first place in their division!  I got hooked on royal's baseball when I was preggers, and enjoy watching them every night when they are in tv.  Had some boulevard wheat beer with a big ole lemon in it.  I haven't had BW in so long, probably two or more years.  It was very smooth and fun to drink.  I had my normal two and stopped:)  The more I run, the less alcohol tolerant I am.  I was suppose to do 800 meter repeats that night but I felt like having a nice relaxing evening with the hubby was more important.

I did do my 800 meter repeats friday night.  Wow, mind blown.  Those were tough.  I was able to hit my pace marks on all four, but I did do walking recovery.  I wasn't sure if I was suppose to walk recover on 800 meters or 400 meters, but since I was doing this on a straightaway, I wanted to start and finish where mine and stella's water was.  Next time I will bring two water bottles, so i can try 400 meter recovery, since I felt recovered by then anyway.  It was super humid out, but a nice temp in the low 70s,  and as the sun went down, the humidity got a little better.  I wouldn't be lying if I didn't say I am a little tired today, and didn't get up super early as usual to do my recovery run.  Will do it later today or tonight, when it cools off and the humidity goes down.  I also need to do a 9 mile long run tomorrow, and i will get up early for that if it kills me.
Today was our first disc dog practice. I have always been intrigued by this sport, but no clue how to get into it.  I have two dogs (Harley and Stella), who would catch frisbees all day.  We did get somewhat involved when we lived in Colorado, but then I moved back to Kansas and agility took over.  The ladies that organized this event are both taking disc dog classes and have a ton of knowledge to share.  I didn't get any cool pics because it was just stella, deuce and I for the first few hours, but tony did show up and threw for harley for a while and stella a few more runs for us to figure out what discs we need to order.
This was post disc dog fun.  I thought we could get the dogs down to the water for a swim, but we couldn't figure out how to get a good path down.  They have really changed this area of Tuttle Creek, to the point where it is near impossible to get near the water.  We turned it into a mini-hike instead.  
Someone didn't want to leave.  He was having too much fun picking up rocks and playing with bugs.  We had to convince him that petting or hugging bees was not a good idea.  I hope he doesn't have to learn this lesson the hard way, as he is very into bugs right now.  

Have a great weekend!  

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