Thursday, August 14, 2014


TGIT=Thank God it's thursday!  Lots of changes going on in our house lately.  Lots to talk about.  First, a cute picture.  Caught him reading about trains in the IBEW magazine while on the toliet.  Boys.

Next, we went to Petpoolza this year in manhattan.  Petpoolza is an event where they close the city pool, so just dogs can swim and  in turn, you make a donation to the animal shelter and win prizes.  Met my agility trainer in town for some swimming with her and her pups.  Really wanted to take both water dogs (harley and stella), but decided in the end to just take stella.  Lots of dogs, no fights surprisingly, and lots of swimming.  Stella had a blast.  Was hoping the professional photog got some pics of us, because she like to jump in and let me hold her, but sadly, they didn't.  She did try to drown me once I was in the deep end and couldn't touch.  She left some war wounds on my arm and back.  Overall she did great and had a good time.  Didn't wear her out at all, go figure.
The weekend turned out great with the arrival of Andrew's Uncle Cayce.  Uncle Cayce is going to live with us while he gets back on his feet.  We have faith in him that this is a clean start and he will address some underlying debt issues, and get a good job and a place to live.  So far, andrew is digging having uncle cayce around, and we are digging potentially having a baby sitter for some date nights, something we don't get very many of.  Uncle Cayce has been busy applying for jobs and doing odd jobs around the house to help us out so nights aren't quite so crazy.  

Running has been good, mainly due to good sleep, and very nice fall like weather.  I had one of the best ever tempo runs the other night.  I still get confused on exactly what to do on a tempo run.  Since I get confused and my coach hadn't signified a specific pace, I decided to break it up into 5 minute segments, with the first being warm up and half marathon paced, the second being 10 K paced, the third being 5K paced or as hard as I could push for the full five minutes, and then reverse it. I also had a 5 minute cool down and then four hill repeats, post tempo run to keep my hill running while fatigued theme going.  Hills are getting to be my favorite, and I feel so much stronger on my repeats because coach has me doing SO many.  I can't wait till next weekend's 10 K to tackle the monster almost 1 mile long hill climb.   Anyway, the tempo run just felt perfect.  I hit all the paces I wanted to and was able to push for a full five minutes down into the 8s.  This was huge to me.  I haven't seen 8s (well other than my 400 meter repeats), since my 5 K PR last year about this time.  I am kind of bummed though.  The 5 K i had my PR at(Run Back to School 5 K recap here, read for a funny snot story) is the same weekend as the Speedy PD 10 K, that I also want to try and PR/PB at.  I didn't find this out till a few weeks ago and it makes me sad to truly miss a local race.  Like walk five minutes away from my front door race.  Oh well.  

I also did a nice 4 miler with my BRF last night.  She teaches so the craziness of school just started for her yesterday and I had lots of therapy to catch up on with her too.  We went slow, we sweated and talked, and got our mileage done with a smile on our faces.  I sure do love her:) 

Speed work tonight in the form of 800 meter repeats.  I have missed these so far due to being sick the last two times they were on my schedule.  No, I am not avoiding them.  Yes, I am going to do them no matter what tonight, scouts honor.  

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