Saturday, August 30, 2014

Purple Paws Trails for Tails 5 K

Today was the first trail race of the year with stella.  We now have two trail races that benefit dogs, one here locally and one in Topeka that we will be running in November.  This was the first year for this particular race, and unfortunately, the numbers were pretty low.  It is also labor day weekend and the first football game of the year at KSU, so lots of reasons why numbers were down.  It was a very fun race and I will do it again next year for sure!  I hope it grows by leaps and bounds and gets more sponsors and more participants and dogs.  Let's start at the beginning shall we?

I asked when I picked up my packet how technical the trail was.  I am not a trail runner, although I enjoy a good trail run now and then.  I was told that the trail was mainly a six foot wide grass mowed trail with a couple of hills, one which was a little rocky.  Well, they didn't lie, I think it was just a matter of perspective.  The trail was very technical to a road runner like me, with several monster hills and two tiny bridges that sent my fear of heights and tiny bridges that look they are going to fall apart into over drive.  Good thing stella was pulling like a sled dog with her ass on fire, because I probably would have walked them.  I wish i could take pictures during trail runs because they looked like sticks held together with twine.  Anyway, it was very beautiful when I wasn't looked at my feet,  with the sunflowers in full bloom and the grass was well mowed, although wet with dew.   My shoes and socks were soaked within five minutes of starting and I am very glad I brought my flips as andrew calls them for afterwards.  My strategy was to push as hard as i could during the easier parts to make up for my slowness in climbing hills and going down hills (and bridges that i didn't know were there).  I did pass a few people and was passed several times as well.  Stella pulled the entire time, which is not like her, but I guess we don't run many runs with that many hyped up dogs.

We ended up 15th of 49 overall, 3rd in my age division of 9, and 8th female out of 32.  We had fun and got a really cute medal.
We even met some other aussie lovers, although they were moving to Mississippi:(
This was Blaze and she was a super cool aussie girlie.  We talked to her mom about running gear and cooling coats.  I should have gotten some money for all the referrals i got to the running company for running leashes.  Maybe I see a sponsorship in my future LOL!  Overall, great race.  Tough trail, good views and nice medals.  I don't medal very often so it was fun to get one.  Can't wait till next year.  Not sure how my legs are going to feel out at konza tomorrow for 11 miles but if I have to have walk breaks and run like a turtle in peanut butter, so be it!

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