Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Night time running

My streak of night time runs continue.  My hubby is actually back working in Manhattan and I really thought about getting up early this morning and running a double but i just couldn't do it.  I  have to say that I am enjoying my night running.  I get done about the time andrew is winding down and then the time it takes me to wind down is the time it takes him to get to sleep.  I have actually gotten some good reading in lately, while we both get ready for the sand man.  I was an avid reader pre-kiddo and it feels good to get back to that status.  I have to admit, when I started running, it was at night with an aussie, and I have come full circle back to night running with an aussie.
The humidity is usually so much lower and the town is usually quiet and ready for bed when I head out.  I will look forward to fall running when I can run when I get home versus waiting till the temperature drops (last night it was bearable at 8:30, other nights it is closer till 9 pm) so I don't have to eat the minute I step in the door.

On another note, I am learning how to program my watch for specific work outs.  We have had experiments lately with lots of down time so I have had time to read up and watch videos.  I do like using my phone as I use it for all of the challenges that Map my Run has but I would like to not have to stare at my watch for paces or distances when I am doing repeats or hill work outs.  I think I have it down but don't have another speed work out till tomorrow.

Tonight is four easy miles and I can't wait!  Been putting in a lot of hard work with repeats, the recent 10 K race and even have hill repeats on the schedule this week.  As I have said before, I really like speed work that involves recovery, so fartleks are pretty much one of my most favorite speed workouts and I got to do some last night.  Last night was just one of those dream runs that felt effortless.  I saw low 7s on my 1 minute fartleks and felt like my recovery happened quickly in my 2 minutes slow jog.  I did 7 repeats per my coach's instruction with 5 minute warm up and cool down.  I did have a biker on a road bike blow by me which scared the heck out of me.  I didn't have earphones in, just was running with my music playing on my phone, and I didn't even hear him till he was right by me.  I also got a little leery because I had decided to run sans stella since it was still in the 90s, and I was out in the middle of no where on a dark highway.  While my hubby can live track me, he doesn't always take his phone to upstairs with him at night and he didn't last night, since it was on the bar when I got home.  I do run with my phone so I could have at least called 911 if needed (not saying this guy was a bad guy but he was out on a bike in the pitch black dark at 9 pm).  It just left me feeling unsettled and I am not sure why.  I guess my normal routes that I run at night usually don't have traffic or bikers and or I don't usually go out without stella.  Maybe miss stella will have to go out tonight no matter what with her cool coat on.

Since I am running at night, I am not getting lots of cool pictures so I leave you with this one:
Happy Wednesday everyone!

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