Friday, August 29, 2014

Another race weekend?

Yep, lost my mind.  After suffering through the heat at last weekend's race, I will be doing it again this weekend.  At least this is only a 5 K, and it will be over quickly, as I am gunning for a PR.  I am really hoping it won't be too hot, since this is a dog/human race that supports the local animal shelter.  I will have to take it easy for miss stella if it does get hot.  She really isn't a fan of the heat (who really is anyway?), and I have been leaving her home some this week due to the temps.    Right now, they are predicting cooler temps with a high in the upper 80s, which should be perfect at race time, if the humidity stays at  bay.  I wish the race was starting at 7, but it seems 8 is the common starting time, even in the throes of summer.  I would gladly be up early to avoid heat.  I also have an 11 miler on tap for sunday.  I try to not ever have speed and long runs bumped together, but that is how the cookie is going to crumble this week.
This was my hill for hill work this week.  It doesn't look it by the picture, but it was a tough one.  My quads and even my groin was screaming after I was done.  It was hot, but the clouds came out and at least blocked the sun while i was on this newly paved hill.  I will definitely be visiting this hill more often.  I feel like I pick tough hills for hill work, but I am going to be visiting some that seem even tougher.  I am still not happy with my hill performances in shorter races so that is my goal for this fall, kill the hills!
My red crew, minus two for National Dog day pictures.  Funny story.  Old man miller is pretty a stand offish kind of guy.  He has been really snugly and in your face this last week and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why.  Then the other day, I caught him, em, well, humping my brother in law's female dog.  Yep, she is in heat and i guess in the standing portion of her heat cycle.  For whatever reason, even though deuce probably had his hormones the longest, she has picked miller as her suitor.  Thank God all of our boys are neutered now, as it would be a huge mess if they weren't.  Anyway, nothing has happened, he hasn't tied up with her (thank god because that would be fun to explain to a 2 year old), but they are inseparable now and he just sits there with a big goofy grin 24/7.  Whatever makes you happy old man, you deserve a little excitement in your golden years.  
And, last but not least, I signed up for this.  This is the same group that put on the Running With the Cows Half marathon (recap here), which was the third in the Heartland Series.  This was my most favorite half marathon that i have ever run.  I will admit, I am a big chicken when it comes to obstacle course races, but this one sounds like fun, and I love their races and of course their super cute merch.  We are doing this as a team, code name Udder Mothers.  I am looking forward to having a fun, hopefully not to cold group run, that involves some obstacles and mud.   

Have a great weekend!  I will have a recap of my race (hopefully some pictures this time) and probably my 11 miler this weekend, along with our disc dog playdate cook out.  

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