Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday funday

Going to try and fit a quick blog in while Andrew is down for his nap.  Such a hard choice always, deciding whether or not to go down with him.  He slept late today, while I was out running, and he is taking a late nap so I may regret not sleeping with him when he is up later tonight.  Bleh.  I still need to run at least three to make up for the intervals I skipped thursday night.  With the heat index at 101 and no sight of it coming down, that may not happen.  Plus, tonight is the final episode of True Blood, one my most favorite TV shows of all time.  I am a sucker for HBO shows and cried like a baby when The Sopranos and Six Feet Under ended, as well as Sex in the City, so tonight may be a sad night in our house.  I may just have to drink a pumpkin flavored beer to drown my sorrows.

It's been a day of recovery, a day of a nice short easy run to help my BRF finish her long run and a to try out my new hydration vest for Konza.  A day of ice cream and nakedness (my son, not me).  BTW, any moms out there that read my blog, can you tell me how you keep clothes on a child?  He would rather be naked than anything.  I don't know how they keep his clothes on him at preschool.  As soon as he gets home many days, they are off in a flash. Maybe I just have an exhibitionist?
While andrew and I tried to stay cool at the house, the hubby and brother went to the movies.  They deserved it after standing in the heat cheering me on yesterday and then chasing andrew around all morning.  Hope they are having fun!  Brother in law had his first interview on friday, but not good news, so hoping this coming week is better for him.  We have given him a month to find a job, and we really hope he can find something soon so he can get out on his own. I am sure living in a house with four very active dogs and a two year old is oh so much fun for him.  Hoping it is the motivation he needs to pick up the search and find something good.

On another topic, I just don't know what to do about my baby D (that is what we call Deuce if you are new to my blog).  He is five this year and is having a hell of a time with allergies.  We have tried just about every antihistamine out there, including some pretty expensive prescription ones, and nothing is working.  We are on our fourth round of steroids now to try and calm the symptoms, so we can decide what to do.  We have also tried many different food options including different protein sources and grain free, but my vet doesn't think that it is food related.  I just feel so bad for him, and I guess we are going to have to allergy testing and shots.  My biggest fear is that it is something in our home that is causing this, and nothing we do externally is going to help it.  He is my baby, and I hate seeing him suffer while we try and figure this mess out.  Most of the antihistamines have helped with the symptoms somewhat, but nothing other than high dose steroids keep the symptoms at bay.  I will keep you posted on our progress.  
Lastly I leave you a picture of my old man miller.  He is 15 and just doing great.  Still a weird dog, but still eating, sleeping and carrying on like a young dog.  He has been really snugly this past week, which if you know him is a little odd.  We were just hanging out on the deck this morning together while andrew played.  

Have a great week and I will catch up with you soon!  School starts at KSU so town and campus will be crazy!

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