Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Recovered? My mind is!

Still not feeling 100 %.  Still getting random headaches, but still drinking lots of fluids.  I don't feel like I am dehydrated and am taking in at least a liter of water a day if not close to 2.  Every runner I talked to has immediately mentioned electrolyte imbalance, but my blood work said I was fine in that area.  I really don't know what to make of it.  I just want to prevent whatever "it" was from happening again.  I felt so good during the race to feel so crappy afterwards.  There are several viral things going around right now, but none of them really fit the feelings I had sunday afternoon/night.  It doesn't help that my monthly friend also showed up Monday to the party.  I get pretty bad fatigue when I am visited, so that is playing into all of this too.  Plus add in to the fact that we are SUPER slow at work right now, so lots of sitting at my desk doing stupid computer work (and blogging of course, which is not stupid), which oddly enough makes me feel more tired that working on my feet for 8 hours straight.

I am starting to come out of the fog and feel a tiny bit of runner's high.  I am also getting antsy because i haven't gotten to do any exercising yet this week, not even a walk thanks to the rain we have been receiving.  I think tonight that a walk is in order or even a bike ride.  There is a big organized bike ride that I would like to do this weekend in conjuction with our town's festival called Oztoberfest.  The smallest mileage is 16 miles.  I think my BRF and I once did 20 or more, so I should be okay, right?  It starts at 7 am, so would be done in time to do other things (like the million things that are going on this weekend because there is no home game).  It is either that or at least get a longer run in, like maybe 6 miles.  I may go crazy if I have to take too much time off.  My body, as far as muscle wise, feels good.  My hip was bothering me yesterday feeling tight and sore, but I spent much time last night in pigeon pose, and today I feel great. I also have had some pain in my shin, that was already hurting pre race, and I have been using deep blue EO on it and some advil and the combo has worked wonders!  I even got everyone to head upstairs last night around 7:30 and we started our bed time ritual early, which meant the kiddo was asleep by 10 and I got almost 9 hours of sleep according to my fit bit, which should aid in recovery.  That trick doesn't always work, but little red had a blow out, so it kind of made sense to just get him in the tub early.

I am still super excited about race pictures, as in check the results page for the race every hour on the hour excited.  They had SO many photogs all around on the course and the course itself had such beautiful scenery.  Oh well, I need to learn patience:)

I also am intrigued with all of the posts today on this product called EnduroPacks.  All the bloggers I follow are talking about it today.  While I am not sure our budget could handle yet another monthly fee coming out of it, I have to figure out how to avoid any more issues like sunday.  I am going to try and work in some sort of electrolytes during the run and now am pondering post run recovery fuel other than just water.  I already take vitamins but it would be nice to have a one two punch for my training in the form of before, after and way after recovery.  

Do you do any post recovery?  Have any tips you would like to share because I am all ears.

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