Sunday, September 18, 2016

Konquer the Konza 2016

Another Konquer the Konza in the books.  Still on a super runner's high from this one, minus the feeling of ick, and not being able to eat.  At least this time, I am not heading to the ER:)  I am overall very pleased with how the race went.  While it got hot towards the end, and did slow me down and make me take some walk breaks, I was able to get a 6 minute PR from the last time I did this race.
My friend at LivingLovingRunner (check out her blog at )took this pic and sent it to me.  She was not in the race, but she was doing her long run out at Konza.   I tried to get some pics as the sun came up, but they aren't near as beautiful as this!  Thanks to her for sending me this and then hooking up with me during the race and helping me during a time when I needed some company.  Okay, getting ahead of myself.
Here is my attempt.  Not near as pretty.  
Here is the Wamego crew pre race.  Matt and Jen did the 10K while Tom, Pat, Melly and I did the 25K.  We all rode together to let the littles sleep in.
This is the only picture I got during the race.  Barb got a few that I hope she posts later, but she had to deal with some down runners more than she could do photography.  We started out with the 10 K people, which is quite crowded on a trail, but they very quickly headed off while we kept trudging on.  The race started out nice and cool, but then the sun made an appearance, and quickly heated things up.  I think it was feels like 84 when we were done.  I felt like I was on point with nutrition and hydration for once.  I fueled every hour, so two times with the honeystinger waffles.  Since I was getting towards three total hours, I decided to take the third waffle I had brought along, and just have a big bite.  
This cool pic was taken by Matt Piper.  I can't wait to see what Barb got as well!

Some observations during the race:  

I saw Lindsey towards the end of the first loop, as I was heading back up the stairs again for the second loop.  I wasn't down, but I had been alone for a long time, so it was nice to see a familiar face, well someone other than the first place runner Joe lapping me on his second lap, while I was STILL on my first.  

A lot of people seemed to be undertrained and over dressed.  Yes, it was in the 60s when we started, but it quickly heated up.  I also saw tons of people in black, which just made me hot looking at them.  It's hard to not feel the pain of those struggling.  I seriously wanted to give each and every one of them a big hug and tell them they could do it!   

I tried to talk to many people on the second loop to try and lift their spirits, but they all had their head phones in.  The very few that didn't were fun to talk to, and we commiserated about how hard the race was.

Towards the end, a gentleman whom I had passed early passed me.  As he was motoring past, he yelled out, "come on, don't quit now! " (my pace had not changed, so not sure why he yelled that out)  I quickly told him that I was doing a 50K in two weeks, so no sprinting home for this one.  He laughed and finished ahead of me.  He made me smile for sure.  Well, him and my kiddo running with me to the finish.  I am pretty proud of the pace I was able to maintain for pretty much the whole race, minus the gigantic hills.  

Andrew ran the last little bit of the race with me.  He SMOKED me!  He never even looked back and then wore my medal the rest of the day.  I hope we are bringing up a kiddo that loves running as much as me!  I will try and embed the video, but I am technologically challenged, so don't hold your breath.  
Miss Kansas was handing out the medals so Andrew wanted his picture with her

Overall I was very pleased with my effort.   I feel like my fueling was on as well as my hydration, even if I did sweat very salty.  I quickly after the race drank three cups of water and NO Gatorade this time.  I tried to eat about an hour post race, but my stomach just didn't want it.  Not that I felt sick, thank goodness, but it just didn't feel like it wanted food.  What I did crave other than water?  Soda!!!! I had some soda at lunch, and then had to stop at a gas station and get more.  Why does my body want soda so bad and nothing else post hard races?  It's diet soda so not getting any more sugar in.  It also craves coffee, so had some coffee post race too.  I am still feeling good as I type, so hopefully no repeats of what happened last time.

Imagine my surprise when not only did Melly won first place in our age group, but I got 3rd place!!!!  When she checked my bib number, she exclaimed I got 3rd, but I honestly didn't believe her!  I made her look it up again.  I didn't get a medal, but I was excited just the same.  Now a couple of qualifiers, apparently we didn't have a ton of runners run the 25K this year. I think we only had 4 in our age group total, but heck, I will take it!  I guess a whole bunch of people changed from the 25K to the 10K, due to lack of training which was due to the horrible summer we have had with regards to weather and humidity. 

I am excited for my 50K, although I will be taking it a bit more easy in the 50K race.  I have heard it is super hilly, and NO shade, so going to respect that, hydrate like a boss, and walk those hills.  I want to thank each and every volunteer out there today!  I have volunteered for this race and it is tough, especially when the weather heats up.  I so loved the banjo player playing on the course.  Wanted to request rocky top, but was too busy running.  Thank you to Manhattan Running Company and to Konza Prairie for putting this race on.  Great job everyone!!!!  Till next year.........................

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  1. Awesome job! Congrats on your PR! This sounds like a fun race (minus the heat!) C'mon Kansas, bring on fall weather...NOW!