Sunday, September 18, 2016

3 weeks till Hell Creek on Heels 50K! Training Week 16

TAPER WEEK!  Yes I am yelling because I am SO excited!  Now if I had just thought NOT to have planned a super hard trail race right in my taper:).  Here is how the first week of taper went.

Monday:  Rest day.  32 miles in two days equals rest day.  YIPEEE!

Tuesday:  Fartlek fun.  We had a fun and short fartlek work out on the docket, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Although, we felt like we had just warmed up when we finished.   We got rained out in the morning so had to run post soccer practice.  Another note, soccer practice was a bit better, although my son still didn't want to really participate.  Oh well, maybe soccer isn't our thing.  No biggie, we will finish the season and then do track club in the spring.

I also had a visit with Dr. Needles.  I have been horrible issues with this tendonitis.  I have been trying to manage it with everything other than not running.  Stupid, I know.  Anyway, I got to experience some fascia busting.  So glad (I think) that i have a chiropractor that likes to do lots of continuing education.  This is what my calf muscle looks like tonight.
I hope this works.  Finger's crossed.  Oh the things we do to continue running.  Sometimes the treatment is way worse than the injury!  Yikes!

Wednesday:  Cross training/strength training.  I caught the campus cold as they are calling it.  Luckily, it was only a couple of days of feeling like crap, so I took the night off, got in bed by 8 pm, and prayed for a short illness.

Thursday:  8 miles planned.  Woke up feeling worse, even though I got tons of sleep. Decided to sleep in rather than run.  3 hours of sleep sounded like a good idea.  Unfortunately that meant running at night possibly when it would be feels like 90 something and high humidity.  It is what it is.   It wasn't pretty, Mel had to try and keep me motivated the whole 8 miles.  We had to take walk breaks every mile so I could make it through but we did it, thanks to Melly's cheesy dancing to my 80s music, and a whole bunch of water + nuun.  In fact I drank my entire hand held full of water and wanted more.  

Friday:  Still not 100%, so took a rest day again.  Stupid campus viruses!  This was their first cycle of tests (my student had four this week), so stress levels are high and germs and abound.

Saturday: Planned 7 miler.  Had to get up early and get going due to hubby having to work all day.  Planned on going out at 4:30, but decided coffee and breakfast sounded better so ate and digested till 5.
It was super duper foggy.  Like drink the air and wear it foggy.  Like I couldn't see very far ahead of me even with my light.  Yikes.  I put on a podcast, leashed up stella ella and headed out.  She hasn't gotten to run all week due to us having to run at night instead of mornings and it being so freaking hot at night.  Fall, please come back.  Anyway, she exacted revenge on me this morning by getting my purse off of the bar, bringing in the living room and shredding most of it's contents.  Sigh.  I am hoping the 7 miles wore her out as she can't race with me or even cheer tomorrow, since we are at Konza.  

Hit 100 miles for the month.  The only reason why I know this is Melly and i were added to a 100 mile challenge on FB.  Got second place to a lady that does OCR and runs a ton apparently.  It was fun to have a challenge to work towards, even if I am bound to only running 4 days a week, while others apparently run pretty much every day.  My body can't take that kind of running, so no first place for me, but that is okay:).  They are suppose to be giving prizes away, but since the majority of the people in the challenge are not that far along with their mileage and I typically run around 100-150 miles a month, I am going to encourage them to give it to the third place winner.

A little side note, soccer was much better today.  Andrew played the first and second quarter, and while he did score another goal in the other team's goal, I cheered like no other.  I just want him to try, and he did so much better about trying.  I think part of the problem is these kids are learning balance right now, as well as ball skills, and so when they all get in and kick, they have to balance with arms and thus hit each other and push off of each other.  Andrew doesn't like that, so he tends to stay out of the scrum, so to say.  I don't think it is intentional in any way at this age, but he just doesn't like it.  I would say our teams were evenly matched, and the game was really fun to cheer.  Two of the players on the other team were from Andrew's day care, so he gave them lots of high fives and cheers before, during and after the game.  

Sunday:  25K race at Konza.  Well, not stepping to the line 100% thanks to this tendonitis, but my goal for the race was to have fun, and use it as a training run.  Here is my recap from the first time i ran this race.  Note: this race sent me to the emergency room that night and you can read about that fun here.  Not sure exactly what happened, but my feeling is I over fueled and my stomach revolted.  I am more mindful now of that kind of scenario and also recovering post race.  Here is a little preview of the post I am doing on the race.  I had a PR of 6 minutes, and I came in third in my age group, and Melly came in first in our age group!  YIPEEE!!!

Total miles for the week:  34 miles.  Kind of goofed and did not do our fartlek work out correctly so we only got four miles when we were suppose to get around 8 I think.  Oh well, probably needed the rest.

Hoping for a nice easy recovery week!  Have a great weekend and week ahead!

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