Sunday, September 25, 2016

2 weeks till Hell Creek on Heels 50K! Training Week 17

Perhaps doing a race two weeks out from our 50K was a mistake, but I had fun and am hoping I didn't beat up my body too much.  Here is how the week went, and here are a few cool pics that Barb got at the race.
This is the best shot EVER!

Monday:  Rest day.  YES!!!!!

Happy wet and muddy puppies

Tuesday:  Planned speed work.  Nope.  Big nope.  6 easy miles full of walking, pokemon hunting, and running easy.  I honestly didn't know how I would feel, especially after not getting much sleep thanks to a toddler not wanting to go to bed.  Another phase we are going through, and I really hope it passes quickly.  Took the doggies along and while they both did 6 miles no problem, Stella is now oddly lame again.  She isn't limping, but I can tell she has a back leg that is bothering her.  Looks like both of us are having issues at the same time.  Back to KSU for her next week:(  Hoping that it was just too much mileage too quickly, and not a relapse.

All three of us in one shot!

Wednesday:  Planned strength training/cross training.  I biked 10 miles.  I am at this weird place where I feel super guilty if I leave my kiddo and hubby at night to do anything.  I am not sure why this has reared it's ugly head again, but mom guilt is real.  Still not 100% comfortable biking in the dark, but need to give it a try so that all of my work outs are done prior to anyone getting up in the morning.

Hiding in the pink hat

Thursday:  8 miles planned.  6 miles is what happened.  My foot/ankle/leg is very hateful right now. I am really getting nervous about my 50K.  I do feel like the shoe with the lift is causing most of the issues, so I am hoping a reduction in mileage, plus giving my lift shoes a break will help.  I am hoping that I haven't literally shot myself in the foot (sorry about the pun) with using my lift shoes plus the stabilizer.  I haven't had pain while running in a long time, and my foot is pretty much hurting the entire run now.  Going to pow wow with my coach.  It's possible I may be taking the rest of this week and all of next week off to try and get any healing done that I can.  This is NOT ideal, but I want to be able to run the race that I have trained so hard for all summer.

Friday:  Planned strength training/cross training.  I biked 12 miles. The corn is being harvested and the beans aren't too far behind.  I would like to bike longer than 12 but I have to bike after work for light at this point. I bike on gravel so not sure how that would work to avoid bigger rocks.  I need to just try and see how it goes some time so I can get in longer bike rides.   I almost got hit not once but twice.  People really do NOT pay attention.  I am glad that i am super vigilant when I run and bike and could tell that they were super distracted.

Saturday:  Rest day.  We didn't have soccer or anything going on, so we took it easy.  It was family day at KSU, so we headed over to partake in the activities.  Unfortunately, rain was threatening, so all activities were sent inside and downsized.  We got to see a nice band play, make powdered sugar pixie sticks, and andrew won some junk to be donated prizes.  About the time we were heading back to our van, the bottom fell out, so we headed downstairs to try and bowl.  Andrew wasn't hugely into it, but we promised him M&Ms, so he made it through one game.  The games were free, we just had to buy socks and rent our shoes.  We had fun, even if he didn't really get addicted to the new sport of bowling.  Bumpers make the game way more interesting for us grown ups!:)
Little red also got some new KSU clothes.  His current KSU clothes were 2T and very tight, so we fixed him up with a couple of new sets of KSU clothes, that are slightly bigger than what he needs.  Lots of room to grow! No running or biking all day, just slept in, took it easy, and had fun!
As I posted on Instagram, target is the devil.  Did we need a pickachu sweatshirt, no, but it was too cute not to buy.

Sunday:  A repeat of saturday.  A target trip, a whole lot of laziness including sleeping in, and some biking.  I got 13 on my bike and even got to ride through some pretty big puddles, none deep thank goodness.  

Total miles run:  12
Total miles biked:  25

Well in retrospect, I should have biked early in the week, and then run towards the end of the week.  I am not too freaked out by the fact that I missed two runs, including a long run, because honestly, the hay is in the barn.  If I don't get to run next week either until the race, I won't freak out then either.  Right now my focus is to arrive on the finish line as healthy as possible, even if that means loosing some fitness in the process.  Seeing my chiro monday and will go from there.  Have a great weekend and week!

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