Sunday, September 4, 2016

5 weeks till Hell Creek on Heels 50K! Training Week 14

I feel like a broken record, but I am oh so tired.  I am really ready for the taper, and it looks like we have at least two weeks more of some hard miles.  Sigh. Parts of me are dying for a break, yet parts of me are LOVING how my body is responding to these hard miles.  Yes, parts of my body are being hateful, but that is manageable.  I am also pretty exhausted, yet happy with my new lab job.  I feel like I am finally part of the flow of the lab and i like that so much.  Let's talk about running, shall we?

Monday:  Rest day. Which is also grocery shopping day.  Little red has been eyeing these pokemon balloons.  I had successfully convinced him they were not for sale, that they were for looks.  Well, daddy kind of ruined that, and bought him one.   He seriously loves it, and carries it around the house pretty much from the minute he gets home till he goes to bed.  He says bye to it every morning when we head out.  Who knew a balloon would be so meaningful?
Second soccer practice and I get there an hour early  Whoops!

Tuesday:  Planned Intervals.  400 meters 8-10 at 9 min/mile pace.  We walked our recoveries, and we  pushed our intervals.  Everything went great, and I was glad to see my legs still had some speed in them.  Repeating part of week 2 of the pooch to 5 K. Got almost 2 miles with the puppers.  I feel like they could do more, but taking it easy.  We also had our second soccer practice.  We got almost 45 minutes out of the kiddos and they did great!

Wednesday:  Cross training:  A nice long bike ride my running partner Rocking Robin.  We didn't push it, just enjoyed the nice weather, the scenery, and catching up with each other's lives.  Please keep her in your prayers as her dad battles cancer.

Thursday:  Planned 7 miles.    It was 61 when we woke up with 91% HUMIDITY!!!!  Really KS?  ENOUGH!  Did another run of week 2 of pooch to 5K. I am thinking maybe I will go head and start on week 3 since they are doing so well.  Well, other than trying to eat everything on the ground, and I do mean everything.  Roid rage is for real.

Friday:  Planned cross training.  Ended up going to the Rock Creek versus Wamego football game instead.  KSU's band did not travel with the football team to CA for the football game, so they instead came to a local football game and played.  I LOVE listening to marching bands, since I was a band nerd once myself, so we headed out to support our local foot ball team listen to the BEST band in the land!  We found a nice spot in the end zone area where andrew could play and we could sit, and had a great time.  I sure do miss Friday nights at the Rock in Jackson, so was fun to be at a different Rock for a game.
I hope some day andrew plays football or marches in the band.  It's just such a great experience for me to be in marching band and for my hubby to play football.  We marched over 200 my freshman year and dominated the competitions.  We would play friday night at the game, get up early saturday morning and practice and then head out to usually a day time and night time competition.  My hubby also played on a stellar football team that repeatedly won championships. 

Saturday:  Planned 20 miles.  Decided to stay in Wamego, versus driving to a trail.  We were rewarded with amazing temps, and an amazing sunrise.  We also had an earthquake, which neither of us felt nor generated:) It's just funny that 20 is not that big a deal to me anymore.  It's just a number on my training calendar.  This is our second 20 this training cycle, and we are going to do a 22 next week.  Dear Kansas, please, please, please dial back the humidity!  While the temps were perfect, the 91% humidity was not.  I know I sound like a broken record, but seriously!

After running, I had to clean up quickly for a jaunt to the library, and then off to our very first soccer game.  We were playing a team full of andrew's friends, so I knew it would be super hard for him.  He did end up scoring a goal, but that was after half time and the goals had switched, so it was technically their goal.  Oh well, we all cheered for everyone and every play no matter what and we did NOT keep score.   We did have a few melt downs on the field with a few players, but Coach Kristen handled them so well, and we were able to play a full game!

Sunday:  Planned 10 miles.  What an odd day.  We wanted to head to Konza for a tough 10 miles.  When I got up and of course drank a few sips of coffee, I noticed someone on FB had posted that rain was hampering their morning plans.  I happened to take a gander at the radar and saw this:
Well, on paper it looked like we could beat it, but as we were driving towards manhattan, the sky lit up several times with lightening.  We decided to head back to Wamego and try and get as many miles as we could before the storm hit.  While we were treated to an amazing sunrise and got to explore some new routes, the rain finally hit us as we were headed back to Melly's house, where I was parked.  We figured we were close enough to 10 miles at 9.43, and called it good.  

Round about 7 miles we picked up the dogs from my house, and also noticed our elderly neighbor out trying to get her cat from off of her roof.  While I got the dogs ready to go, Melly tried to coax the cat off but to no avail.  We decided to skip to week 3, since we had 3 total work outs of week 2, which had longer runs.  The pooch to 5 K program, while certainly good, is not really working for my dogs. Once we finished the prescribed walk/run intervals, we just decided to run the rest, and they were of course fine.  I think I will modify what we are doing, and still do a 5 minute warm up and cool down, but just do a full mile run with a walk break if needed, and get a week in of doing 2 solid miles before moving on.  

Total miles for the week: 46.14 (that includes the dog run/walks)

I really did feel better this week, but I think that was because of the massive cool offs we had.  The humidity was still pretty brutal, but the lower temps helped a ton.  Looking forward to peak week and then TAPER TIME!  Also looking forward to some shorter runs so that the dogs can join in more often and more soccer!

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