Sunday, August 28, 2016

6 weeks till Hell Creek on Heels 50K! Training Week 13

Did I say I was ready for a taper yet because boy am I ever!  Not yet, not for a couple of more weeks!  YIKES!  I can do this, right?

Monday:  Planned Strength/Cross training.  Well, that was according to my schedule.  I am helping with a local 10K saturday, so I had planned on taking that as a rest day, but it just didn't work that way. We have been making monday nights our grocery night, and we didn't get home till late so no strength and no bike:(.
I am a fool for jigsaw puzzles.  This was suppose to be a family puzzle, but I ended up doing the whole thing myself!

Tuesday: Speed work.  Two cycles of 1 mile, 800, 800, with a quarter mile recovery between each.  Despite the 90% humidity, the temps were lower, so we tried to push as hard as we could.  We were kind of all over the map, but most of the speedy stuff was around 9:30ish.  We did walk our quarter mile recoveries.  I also did over 1.5 miles with the dogs.  I had programed their walk/run intervals into my watch, but never hit start (whoops), so we didn't get our total 2 miles we had been getting.

This week we are doing 5 minute warm up, 90 second run, 2 minute walk (repeat 6 times) and then 5 minute cool down.  It's hard to tell how stella is doing, because she is so hell bent on eating EVERYTHING on the ground.  Suddenly, everything is a potential food source, so her nose is on the ground constantly.  Sigh.  I will be so glad when we get OFF of steroids for good and healthy!  Now, of course, Deuce is on them too due to an allergy flare up.   Just call us the house of roids!

My new lab organism, Gonium!  My life is green now:)

Wednesday:  Planned Strength/Cross training.  Not even going to make an excuse.  Another rest day.  Was on my feet from 8:30-4:30 going 90 mph all day at the lab bench and hood.  I love my new lab, but it is going to take some time for me to adjust from doing hardly anything all day, to doing experiments all day every day, every moment of the day.

Thursday: Planned 6 miles.  The weather man had been warning about all night storms and rain.  When i got up at 4 am, it was cloudy, but no rain or thunder/lightening.   We decided to try and get our run in, and just be wary of the weather.  Well, about mile 3 we started seeing lightening.  There was nothing we can do at that point, as we are out in the middle of nowhere with no shelter, so we just hauled ass home.  At one point, there was a HUGE flash of lightening that caused us both to scream.  That was probably the bolt that cut the power to town.  We were confused as to why all of the street lights were out, till I got home and opened the door to a dark and quiet house.  Well, quiet until andrew started up.  The cut in power woke him up immediately, since the fans stopped making noise.

Friday:  Try to get in 10 miles or strength/cross train.  I woke up to storms, so I settled on a bike ride post work.  It was also my 2 week appointment with Dr. Needles and stella's monthly recheck.  My old injury is flaring up, so he double and triple checked for any type of bone stress or stress fracture and found none.  Whew.  Looks like that tendon is just super hateful, and not liking Konza at all anymore.  He wanted to needle two areas on said tendon, but I told him hell to the no.  He claims it doesn't hurt in spots other than the foot, but I know otherwise. Sigh.  Another case of Peroneal Tendonitis thanks to Konza.  I so want to be a trail runner, but it seems the trails don't love me back.  I am still trying to get use to the lift in my left shoe, that is suppose to make all of this go away, so hoping that once I am more comfortable in my lift shoes, that I can go back to running pain free and not worry about trails versus road.

A little stella update here too.  Stella had her monthly check up.  Good news: joint taps are clear now, pred can be lowered.  Blood pressure is down and in the normal range.  Bad news: still dumping lots of protein in her urine.  She was almost double what she was last time.  Now they are thinking that this might be a normal for her?  We are going to have to do a study to see if that is normal.  I am just ready for her to be done with steroids period!

Saturday:  Volunteer at a local 5K/10K and run 10 or so miles.  I really love volunteering.  I have a big mouth, and I love using it to cheer on runners!  Nothing makes my races go better than a very vocal and cheerful volunteer, so I try and give back as much as I can.  I was at the area where the 5K runners would be coming back after their turn around, and the 10k/5k runners would be going out to their turn around together.  I had another volunteer for a while helping, but honestly, I just about lost my voice yelling!  The problem is the 5K runners can see the finish line, and they think they are done, but they are not.  It was fun encouraging them to just go a little further!  Then we had the 10 K runners coming down and needing to get through the 5K walkers, which again meant i got to yell  :)  Post helping, Melly and I tried to run 10 miles out at the lake, and while it was super beautiful, it was just too hot and humid.  Most of the campground was shaded, but we decided to do the race route, which goes up a HUGE unshaded hill for almost a mile.  While we made good time going up and I never walked,  it kicked our butts later.  We were near the car around mile 8.5, and i was out of water and feeling sick to my stomach, so we ended it.

Sunday:  Planned 18.  We decided to sacrifice a little bit of a heat for a little bit more sleep.  While Melly seemed to be okay, the heat kicked my ass.  I got super nauseous at the end, and had to walk a lot more than normal from about mile 15 on, but you do what you have to do to get done and be safe.  It sucked big time, and you bet we will be getting up earlier next weekend for our second 20 miler of the training session.
By the end of the run, she was making deals with me just to get me to finish.  We had found a water fountain on the trail, that I never knew was there, and had refilled our water bottles around mile 10.  I am so glad stopped and did so, because we would have been out of water close to the finish, and in more trouble.  By the time we got back to the car, it was feels like 92 out with a dewpoint of 72.  While I don't like to make excuses for runs, I feel like the last two runs were not fun at all due to the heat.  When we were in the shaded part of the trail, we were fine, but in full sun at the end, I just couldn't handle it! Kind of scares me because even in october, we can have hot days, and this trail does not look very shaded by the pictures I have seen.  Hopefully I won't be taping out at the 30K mark!

Total miles for the week:  41 miles.  

Looks like next week has a chance for rain every day.  Hoping to get the dogs back on their pooch to 5 K program.  We are going to repeat week 2 again, since we only got one run done due to rain.  AND we have ANOTHER 20 miler to do. This will be my first training cycle with two 20 milers and a 22 miler.  Gulp.  I can do this, right?

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