Saturday, August 13, 2016

Raider Run: Run Back to School 5K 2016

I am very honest when I say I am SUCKER for local 5Ks.  There is nothing like getting up and walking to the start line a few minutes before the race starts.  Wamego is very lucky in that we have multiple local 5ks, one local 10K, and a local half/full. I so also love local races because all of the RDs of these races allow dogs.  Well, this year Stella was out due to her bout with IMPA, but I wasn't going to miss this super fun race!!!!  Central PTO puts on this race, and they have so much fun, family oriented events.
I was SO tempted to take her and just drag her along if she got tired.  This was her face before I left.  She looks sad, but actual she could hear my hubby upstairs making noises, so she was listening with her eyes. 

I had serious decisions to make  pre race.  The theme is super heroes, and they encouraged everyone to dress up.  I didn't have any true super hero themed clothing, so I figured I would just go with colorful.  I decided on the bottom outfit, since it is super colorful and fun.  

A little bit about the morning.  I knew it was cooler out, but the humidity was pretty high.  I had no pre race goals, and was going to make a game time decision.  I thought as I walked to the start line that it was cool enough for me to try and PR.  The field was super small, but packed with FAST local females, but I am competing against myself, not them anyway.  I walked up with about 15 minutes before the race started, which was perfect.  I decided to run with music, something that I haven't been doing.  I am really glad I did, because I got super nauseated around mile 2 and it helped me breath and not puke.  

A review of the course: you start at the school and go down a big hill on 8th street.  You head over to the rec complex and do half a lap on the concrete track (mostly downhill), and then head out onto balderson.  This part is very flat and fast and mostly full sun.  My first mile was 8:19 and I wanted to lay out three 8:30s, just like I had been consistent at the 10 K last weekend with my miles.  I told myself to settle down and settle in, so I didn't crash and burn.  

The course turns on 6th and heads through city park and up 4th street.  This is where I got into trouble.  We were in full sun at this point, and going up a steady incline.  I could feel myself overheating, so at the 2 mile water stop, I just took two big sips of water while walking, and then dumped the very full cup on my heat.  Honestly, this normally helps me, but this time it did NOTHING.  Mile 2 8:59.  Mile 2-3 are again up a stead incline, but you are on shaded neighborhood roads.  The traffic at this point was pretty thick as people were geting out and about in the neighborhood, and I guess it took my mind off of the fact that I really, really wanted to puke.  I was overheated, breathing hard, and just trying to hang on. I had passed several people from mile 2-3 as the humidity was getting many people.  I was keeping a lady in my sights that I thought might be in my age group.  She started walking.  Part of me said, YEAH, i can catch up.  A bigger part of me said oh no, she is suffering just as much as I am, and I am ready to throw in the towel with her.  I made myself continue to run but at that point, I felt like we were both crawling.  Mile 3 was 9:42.  I struggled, I fought, and I tried, but I had to slow my body down to risk throwing up and major overheat.  Luckily, the finish was downhill, but that was a tough course made tougher by the stupid Kansas humidity.  Finish time 27:52.  Then the fun started:)
Of course we had to take as many pictures as we could.  This year they had three different photo ops.  This one had masks you could use.
Andrew didn't get the point of this one, and my hubby's shadow is on the picture as well ,but super cute idea!!!  We were flying!
This year they had not only the mask making station, but also a cape making station.  They may have had that last year, but we missed it.  I thought the capes were such a CUTE idea!!!!  Andrew loves his, and they looked so easy to make.  They are just t-shirts with the collar of the shirt left on, the front and sides cut off and the back tapered.  The kids could decorate theirs however they wanted to.

Then Andrew had his very first race.  I am so proud of him.  He was excited to run it, and even though he asked me to run it with him, once he took off, he never looked back.  We need to work on that kick though LOL!!!

Post Andrew's fun run, we cheered on the bigger kids and finally the 1 mile fun run.  I so love watching the kiddos put it all out there!  There were so many fun games to play post running that were all super hero themed, and this year there was a bouncy house.  Pretty much lost andrew to that thing all day.  Although as I type this, he is out cold, so maybe this is a good thing.  I was shocked that I won third in my age group and beat a few speedy ladies that beat me last year.  I also won best dressed female with a trophy and a 10 dollar gift card to our local running store.  Then I won another gift card in the raffle, that I gave to the little girl that won the mile race, and andrew won the kids raffle.  We had quite the haul walking home!
I wish more people would come to this gem of a race!  Great family fun for all and a great cause that the money/school supplies go to!  I know next year, andrew will be attending Central, and I will be probably joining the PTO, so please come and run this fun and fast 5 K next year!!!!  You won't be disappointed!  It's pretty much a family tradition now for us and will continue to be!

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