Sunday, September 11, 2016

4 weeks till Hell Creek on Heels 50K! Training Week 15

A short week for work equals one good week!  While we didn't have plans to really do anything labor day, sometimes a lazy day is what you need.  Looking forward to peak week, and then taper!  Here is how the week went!

Monday:  Rest day, glorious rest day.  Had several friends going out to do runs, and i was surely tempted to go, but my body needed a rest.  It was a beautiful day, although it got quite hot towards the end.  We stayed in our pjs most of the day, did some grocery shopping while dressed, and then headed back and got back in our pjs.  I don't do lazy very well and very often if at all, so it was kind of fun.  I caught up on the new show that is the biggest craze, Stranger things, and Andrew and I read some books and watched some Thomas.

Tuesday:  800 meter repeats x 5 at a 9:15 mile/minute pace.  Woke up to feels like 82 with a dew point of 70.  Thanks Kansas.  Thanks for teasing us last week with a hint of fall, and then hitting us with summer again.  We decided to not make any decisions till we had warmed up.  Well, by the time we did our one mile warm up, we were both drenched.  We decided to just do 5 miles, and call it good, which was probably a good thing since my watch died mid run, and it keeps up with our intervals and pace.

I also tried a new routine with the dogs.  We walked for five minutes and then ran till we hit a mile.  We walked for two minutes and started up again.  At mile 1.5, I felt like the dogs were starting to lag a little, so we walked for another two minutes, and then finished up our second mile.  We walked a few minutes for a cool down, but not a full five.  I felt like it worked, and will probably continue this type of run/walk.

Wednesday:  10ish miles on the bike.  We got started early enough, but was greeted with an early sunset :(  I am not ready for the sun to set so early.  We also had our fair share of bugs.  Extra protein right?

Thursday:  Planned 8 miles.  We woke up to feels like 84 and a humidity that put the dewpoint at 73.  Plus, there were storms all around us, and I had not slept well due to a situation at work + a toddler that refused to sleep.  Melly and I decided we would rather risk running post work, than get stuck out in the middle of no where with lighting.

Lucky for me,  I didn't have to go to work as I was speaking at our local high school about running.  I started speaking at 11:30, so I decided to take the dogs out and get their 2 miles in before getting ready.  I decided to try and add an extra half mile.  We walked at the beginning, took a break at 1 mile for a tenth of a mile, took another break at 2 miles for a tenth and then finished up our half for a total of 2.5.  We had a short walk back to the house, and both dogs had huge smiles on their faces.

My booth at the high school.  got to talk about running to a whole bunch of high schoolers!

We finished up with our 8 miles later on in the day post melly's work.  It was hot, humid, and just down right horrible, but we made it work, and got some pretty pictures during one of our walks.

We had lots of interesting clouds and of course, cows!

Friday:  Planned cross training/strength.  Another day of talking all day, this time to kindergartners in the morning, and 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.  Both groups were challenging and we talked for hours but it was hugely rewarding!  Melly got to help with the bigger kids in the afternoon and of course is a natural!  I really enjoying talking about things I am passionate about, like science, running, and dogs.  After talking all day, I took a little break and then headed out to help coach some soccer.  By the time we got home, I was toast!  Decided to take a rest day and rest up for my 10 miler and 22 miler.  

Saturday:  Planned 10 miler.  Got to sleep in a couple of extra hours, due to the cooler weather, YIPEEE!  I was devising some plan where I would run 7 miles or so, and then pick up the dogs.  Then I decided, what the heck, I am going to run with stella, and just see how she does.  When she tires out, I can call the hubby to come and pick her up or turn around and head home.  

I am proud to say that she made it a full 7 miles, and i believe she could have done more!  I wanted to get at least three with Deuce, so turned around at 3.5 and got 7 upon reaching the house, and then switched out the dogs and headed back out.  While I missed the sunrise, I had beautiful temps and low humidity, which made running so much more enjoyable. 

After running we had doughnuts, library time, and then soccer.  I am not going to lie to you soccer was not much fun this week.  We had multiple melt downs, sick kiddos, and kiddos just refusing to get on the field.  I feel so helpless, because I don't have the right tools to motivate 4 year olds.  

I kind of feel like once we lose them, they won't come back no matter how much we beg, bribe, or talk to them.  If anyone has any advice, I would love to hear it.  Post soccer, the meltdowns continued with my 4 year old, and we should have just gone home, but we tried to power through.  Huge mistake.  Oh well, sunday is another day.  

The butterflies were all out this morning!

Sunday:  Planned 22.  Got to sleep in a little which was nice.  Woke up to temps in the 50s and very low humidity!  Win and WIN!  I would like to say this run was perfect and magical, and it was pretty much, but it was tough at times and we had to still take a few walk breaks.  I tried fueling 4 times, and my tummy was not happy with the fourth time, so going to have to find something else towards the end that my tummy might tolerate better.  Maybe pretzels?  I was craving salt even thought I was drinking my nuun water.  Had pizza buffet afterwards and ate ALL.THE.THINGS.  Recovering now as I type this.  Super tired, would love a nap but you know, 4 year olds don't understand mommy needs a break.

Total miles: 49.5.  

I am ready for the taper but do have a TOUGH 25K this coming weekend.  It fit my taper as I needed to do 15 for my long run but it will beat me up a bit which is probably not ideal for tapering.  Oh well.  Looking forward to some shorter runs and then RACE time!  Have a great weekend!

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