Monday, September 5, 2016

Lately...or coffee date...or Let's have a beer

It's the first of the month and it's time for those runfessions that we all like to get out. While I love coffee, and am sipping on my pumpkin spiced keuring coffee as I type, I think we need a "sit down and have a beer" blog prompt too!

Okay, pretend I am sipping on my Harvest Pumpkin Blue Moon.  I would tell you that while I love working in my new lab, boy is that and training wearing me out. I am pretty much busy from the time I walk into the lab till I leave, and I am usually doing stuff as I walk out of the door to go pick up my kiddo from school.  It's tiring going from a job where I was sitting at my computer most of the day, to standing up, running around, and going upstairs to the other lab and back down multiple times a day.  I am still learning the techniques and the personalities in the lab, but I feel like I am much better prepared now to do the experiments and participate in the daily routine.  If you would have told me that I would enjoy working with Algae a few years ago or when I was younger, I would have laughed at you for quite some time.  Life is so strange sometimes.

Let's switch to a darker beer now.  I am digging my Left Hand Black Jack Porter, so pretend I am sipping on that now.  I have been asked to speak to students about running this week for the Wamego 150th celebration.  I have a variety of ages from kindergarten to high school kids.  I am going to confess that I haven't really come up with a great plan.  I am going to kind of wing it I think.  For the littles, I have a few running themed books to read and for the bigger kids, I am going to somehow incorporate goal setting and show them gear and some of my cool medals, but other than that, I am clueless.  The good news is that I am really good at speaking have a big mouth and like to hear myself talk and thinking on my feet, and I love public speaking, so I am hoping we have a great time talking about running, and all things related to running.

Back to my Harvest Pumpkin from Blue moon.  Stella update time.  We had our very first morning of no accidents!  This is so huge because previously we were going through towels to clean up accidents so quickly, that i was having to do laundry every day to keep up.  She would have at least three large accidents in our dining room at least three times a day if not more (not sure why three was such a popular number).  I was having to get up super early before my training runs to clean before I left, and that was usually the first thing i had to do as soon as I got home. While I am very happy she is healthy other than the effects of the pred, I am very glad to hopefully be saying good bye to this rather gross effect.  We have another appointment towards the end of september where we are doing the urine protein study, and then I am hoping we will taper even further down to almost no steroids period.  Her running is coming along nicely and I feel like we are going to fast forward her return as the walk/run intervals seem too easy for her. I have SO missed her on my runs, and while I do have Melly, I miss her little furry butt on the trail.  I have several races I want to do with her this fall, so I need to get her back into shape mileage wise!

Last one and finishing up that Blue Moon because I SO LOVE ALL things PUMPKIN!  Yes I am yelling, I am that person.  I tried to wait till at least september, but I had to cheat on my coffee because Target had it in stock already.  I also just purchased my first bag of candy corn, but I shared with my new lab.  I am so excited about my next training cycle.  Melly and I sat down and planned out next spring, and while I am ready to rest and recover from my first 50K, I am so ready to run in cooler temps!  I am a fall/winter runner like no other.  Kansas is usually pretty nice to us runners, with only a few days of degrees below zero and a few big snows.  I have decided that I am going to do a spring marathon in my hometown of Jackson TN, the Andrew Jackson Marathon.  I am also planning on doing The Wicked Half in Wamego and the Running with the Cows half in KC.  I am also eyeing the Bill Snyder Half, since I have never done it and maybe Storm the dam in 2017. Guess I'd better talk to my coach and see if she thinks this is all kosher before I sign up for too much, and start asking for money for my birthday and christmas to pay these entry fees :)

And one last thing as I am taking my beer bottles to the recycling bin.  This is going to sound silly, but I have ALWAYS wanted to be on a podcast to talk about running with dogs.  I am by no means an expert or a vet, but i have been running with my dogs since I started running, and started running because of a dog.  It kind of made me sad to find out that this week, not only did my favorite podcasters have an episode about said topic, but they didn't invite me to be in it:) AND I didn't get the information that they were taking voice memos and pictures about running with dogs, both of which i could have contributed.  I have been having weird issues with their new podcasts not downloading to my phone like normal so am a few episodes behind.  Not that they even know about me or my blog, but my little dream was to be on their podcast talking about one of the topics i am most passionate about.  I was just kind of sad about the whole thing and haven't gotten a chance to even listen.  I am sure it is awesome and i will enjoy it, but still sad about the whole thing.  Someday I will get my dream, someday:)

Alright enough typing and beer sipping.  Time to enjoy this beautiful Labor day!  Have a great week and month!

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