Saturday, April 25, 2015

10 K PR! Heck YEAH! Dog and Jog 2015

I use to do this race every year, until I got really into dog agility.  Then for years i had a big dog show that weekend and had to miss out.  I even ran it before I was really runner.    I have all of my old shirts from this race because they always do long sleeved shirts,  and I never seem to wear out long sleeved t-shirts.  This year they had a long sleeved tech tee, BONUS!  This race was going to be a game time call as we had predicted rain all night before and all morning.  I really wanted to go at least get my packet because they always have unique shirts.  This is a race put on by I think the sophomore class at the vet school and it benefits not only their class but KSDS which raises and trains service dogs.  Many of my former agility students are puppy raisers and have taken classes from me over the years.  I knew they would all be there too so I really wanted to see everyone.  I really, really miss my agility friends but more than that I MISS my agility students!  They had been with me for a long time as I learned how to teach and how to manage a business and stuck with me as I was preggers and a new mom (and very scatterbrained:).  They even stuck with me as I moved my classes to the weekend to have more time with my kiddo.  Most of them take from Joc who has Deep Creek Agility and I am very glad they have a great indoor facility to continue their agility training and a wealth of knowledge in Joc.

Anyway, back to the race:)  I woke up to very cloudy skies but no rain.  The radar had us all in the green, yet nothing was happening.  In wamego, it was warm, so I chose my dog paw skirt from Gypsy runner, my hospital hill tech tee, my brooks run happy hat and my nike compression shorts.  I really was dressed for running but not waiting around an hour in the cold wind.  Because they had moved the packet pick up to later friday night, I had not gotten my packet so had to be there early to get my packet and number.  Well, I probably didn't have to be there an hour early but I always get so freaked out when I don't do things like you are suppose to i.e. pick up your packet the day before the race.  I guess I am learning to be a rebel as this is the second time I have picked up my packet day of LOL!
Stella and I decided to hide in the car because the wind was making it very cold and I was very uncomfortable.  I added my arm warmers and my compression socks to try and get warm but was still pretty cold, even in the van.  I seriously considered putting on the event t-shirt which this year was a very cute tech t.  I knew once I ran I would warm up but just waiting around was COLD!
It was a pretty small crowd of people, which made me happy.  I was kind of worried about having crowded side walks, as this race was pretty much all on side walks.  Crowded with a dog can be very tricky.  Most all the people running had dogs, so that made me feel a little better.  No one seemed to be taking this racer super duper serious, and hopefully there wouldn't be hard feelings if a dog blocked a path (ehem, side walk hog stella).  Stella tends to range back and forth out in front of me.  I had to hold her pretty close at our first half race together, so she didn't block any racers.  Anyway, I started pretty near the front and as they started us with an air horn  we all took off at a fairly fast pace.  I saw 7s on my watch, whoopsie, but Stella was pulling HARD!  The first mile or so was up a gradual hill.  I felt strong and tough (and had a sled dog pulling me pretty steadily), but also a little nervous as my first mile clocked in at 8:43!!!!!  My next two miles were a little better, with more of it being down hill to flat and more consistent.   My goal for this race was 9 minute miles and my second mile was at 9:15 and 9:07.  Better, still not what i ultimately wanted, but it was a little hard to not try and put the breaks on going down North Manhattan hill.  Mile 3 hit some congestion as most of the 5 K people were putting on the jets to finish.  I was a little sad to see the finish line and not get to cross it just yet.  

My legs were feeling the effect of my first fast mile going back up that gradual, long hill, so my next mile was a bit slow at 9:59.  I was hoping I could pick up once I hit the down hill and the leveling off, but I honestly wasn't sure.  I tried to not let any of the negative thoughts creep in that like to creep.  I concentrated on the word STRONG and SPEED.  Mile 5 was still not great at 9:40, but was able to get a little speed in on mile 6  in 9:37.  I finished in 56:37.  I think without a loop course with the same hill twice and the same bad down hill twice, I could be more consistent.  While I LOVE running with Stella, I think I need to run a 10 K without her and see if I can PR.  She did help me at the end as we had been running by ourselves from a while and someone passed us at mile 5.  Stella had decided that was unacceptable and pulled like a mule to the end.  I had hoped for a big PR and crossed the finish at 56:37!!!!!  I think my last 10 K was 58:31!  WAHOO!  I like being more consistent and not positive splitting, but this time I got lucky and it worked LOL!  Stella and I lingered a bit afterwards, but after looking at the computer by the timing mat, I was in 12th or something like that, so we left to get warm!  Much to my surprise, I had someone send me a FB message saying they called my name to the podium for a 2nd place age group award!  Darn it!  I was already in Wamego by that time and eating brunch.  Oh well, maybe some day soon I can repeat this performance and do even better (or at least more consistent!).  

Thanks Dog and Jog for a small and fun race and thanks weather for holding out. I still have this stupid cold which now includes coughing (NOOOO) so will see how i feel about a shake out run tomorrow.  

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