Friday, April 3, 2015

Taking it easy

Boys sure do love dirt don't they?  We have a sand box but this kid prefers to just get down and dirty in the dirt pile by the house.  Thank goodness kids are washable:)
Stella always has to supervise the washing.  It is her favorite job after all.  Stella and I have been taking it easy this week.  Two runs, both slow and a little painful.  With recovery week also comes Kansas spring time wind.  Yeah for flowers and 30 mph gusts that threaten to knock you over and make you feel like you are running and biking in place.
With warmer temps and popsicle eating also comes spring storms.  Had our first one and it was a doozy.  Hail and tornado sirens all between 2 and 4 am in the morning.  So much for getting recovery sleep.
Stella also is perfecting her drafting skills, allowing me to run out front and block the wind for her.  She has been watching too many of the big races on TV, and says she has it figured out.  

We have focused on rest, biking and a little bit of running, per Coach Jenny's instructions.  I have done two runs that were a little over 4 miles each, both with warm up and cool down.  I plan on a long run tomorrow, but am undecided on the length.  I have been given a choice of 8-10, so will have to see how my body responds.  I am trying to be super smart about these next few weeks of racing/training, and not looking to hit any specific mile goals.  I am  happy to say that my ankle tendonitis (self diagnonsed:) seems to be calmed down, and I now back to doing minimal icing and advil as needed versus around the clock.  I am mentally ready to get back to training hard, but smart.  I have another PT session for next week, and am eager to see what he thinks (he was at the race so saw my striding).  In the pictures, my feet and striding look much improved and that makes me so VERY happy.  
I am still waiting to hear about Chicago, and am even thinking about maybe even a Tennessee marathon.  St. Jude's marathon is early december, which would allow me a break from my halfs, and a little bit of avoidance of the KS summer heat for training.  Still thinking and deciding.  If Coach Jenny paces me, it may be what ever fits into her long run schedule for fall.  

Well, Happy Easter weekend everyone!  I am off to help on andrew's class trip for an Easter egg hunt. I am a little nervous to take a whole class of 2 year olds on a free for all for chocolate filled eggs, but here goes nothing!  Wish me luck!

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